Zombies and Demons make Love

Horror movies, especially good ones, definitely give off a peculiar pleasure in watching them. :You can watch how characters become less and less the people they once were and how they eventually get destroyed and pulled out of their normal and happy lives. You see in great detail how every character moves, breathes and maybe even get killed by whatever horror has been cast upon them. We watch it all from afar, and maybe even find pleasure in imagining how each character dies. However, in the movie REC, horror can no longer be seen from afar, from a third person view. It doesn’t let you feel the safety of being a spectator. We ourselves, become as part a of the film as possible. We become part of the horror by allowing us to experience horror as how we will see it with our own eyes by using first-person view as the movie perspective where there is no safety in being afar.
The movie starts off like every other movie, the calm before the storm. And like always, their own choices will lead to their doom(I’m looking at you Cabin in the Woods). They enter the dreaded building which is just like any other residential building you will see anywhere. Everything reeks of normality at first. But then, everything goes to hell. That may not be the correct term. Maybe a better way of putting it was Hell came to them. Since I started watching horror movies, there have been several possession movies. Exorcist, the Exorcism of Emily Rose to name a few. In all of these movies, it heavily relied on the religious aspect to explain how demonic possession works. REC approached the subject of possession with a medical finesse. Demonic Possession can be spread through infection. At first glance, you may think that this is a zombie movie at the start of the film. The method of infection is similar to how zombie movies are portrayed, you become one of them through getting bit or by allowing their fluids to enter one’s own. But later on in the movie, the undead become even more sinister. They become vessels of something far greater, so to speak.
I always thought of zombies as vulnerable and weak. Sure, they ARE scary and terrifying, but they CAN be killed. They follow certain behavior and can easily be fooled like wild mindless animals. REC zombies on the other hand are anything other than a walk in the park. They seem so invulnerable and frankly, cheap. Demons are beyond our world, they cannot be touched by anything found in ours. It must be assumed that the only way to defeat them is by using something that is beyond our world as well, and that is disturbing. The movie plays on these aspects of one’s fear of something unknown in the human world. It relies on that fear to fuel the panic when literally coming face to face with the devil. And because the movie starts out with virtually zero explanation, and hardly explains itself near the end, it got all the more confusing. But still, that confusion lies hand in shaky hand with fear simply because the story plot has hardly anything to do with reasons to fear. It plays on what causes fear to strike our hearts. These are my thoughts after watching REC again, for the second time.


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