Zombies and Demons

There’s something about sequels that audiences automatically hate. They just aren’t as good as their original counterparts. With [REC] 2, it’s the same disappointment as other sequels, but I still think it’s scary, not just as scary as the first one.

Just like the first franchise, [REC] 2 uses the first POV and takes off from the ending of [REC], although this time, they make use of two cameras, one of the SWAT and one of a bunch of teenagers. The SWAT team were to administer a doctor to get blood examples from the infected people. Later on, they find out the doctor was indeed a priest who was appointed to get a blood sample of the root of the disease, which is the Medeiros girl. The team violently reacted from knowing about it but soon realizes that they are locked until they get the blood of the girl.

I think a prequel would be just right with the amount of positive feedback that [REC] had garnered from public viewers. Though, I found it a bit forced that they put two cameras in the movie. I thought the teenagers’ part was unnecessary and kind of ridiculous at the same time. How can a very serious case like this just leave an open manhole at the back of the building? I just think it was too forced and pointless. It also ruined the momentum and right pacing that [REC] was originally admired for. The character of one of the SWOT members also ruined the realness of the movie. In no way can I ever imagine a SWAT member throwing tantrums and panicking like that even in the face of strange beings. The religious part for me was just okay. I think it added to the scary factor with the Latin stuff and all. It kind of had a The Exorcist vibe into it that will always be creepy with a mix of anti-Catholicsm as it expounds on the story involving the Vatican. Although interesting, I kind of got lost with the jump from zombie apocalypse to demonic possession. I still think that the vagueness of the first movie gave it a bit more advantage over the prequel.

However, I really liked the part where Angela comes back to the story. Just like in the first one, I really admire how natural her acting is. It also adds confusion to the audience on how she survived getting captured by the Medeiros girl. But, of course, later on, we find out that Angela was actually already possessed by her. Also, just like in [REC], my favorite part is still the last minutes of the film. That dark scene was just too terrifying for my life. The cinematography gave justice to its predecessor, though the weak plot was not aided by the factors, unlike in the first movie. The very ending though was not that full of impact as it is a giveaway that another sequel is coming up.

Of course, there will always be a comparison when it comes to sequels, and it will almost always end up to be a disappointment, especially for horror aficionados. This might not be as scary and as interesting as the first one, but it sure was above par when it comes to sequels.


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