Addiction of May – May

After watching May, my stomach felt weird as if I was going to vomit. For me, even though I closed my eyes at some scenes that show butchery skills of May, I imagined it and it was really gross.


At the first scenes of May, I thought that the horror was within the doll that her mother gave her but as I watch further, it was a different twist.


May grew up to be a weird girl with no friends. It’s just normal that horror movies present their characters that are strange. May only talks to her doll and considered it to be her best friend.  That is why the mystery of the horror film I thought of is within the doll. But it’s not. May works at the veterinary clinic and her job is to stitch the wounds of the pets brought in by owners. As you can see, May had been obsessed with beautiful body parts of different people. She liked the hands of a strange man that passes by the clinic at lunchtime and also the neck of her co-worker at the clinic. One day, he stalked the man at the restaurant and felt asleep. May smelled the hand and touched it. The man was surprised and didn’t know why May was acting like that. They become friends and May was very happy and they started seeing each other. Until one day, they decided to go out with each other. May was totally into this guy and she loves him very much because he was her first girlfriend. The man was also feeling weird with May so one day; he decided to let May watch a movie together with him. It is a film of Romance but instead of kissing, making out with each other, the character bites each other like vampires. So may thought that doing this kind of romance is good and she tried it with the man. The man was shocked so he left May. It had been weeks since they saw each other and when May was calling him, he always saying that he’s busy. The truth is that, he already dumped May and was now seeing other girl. May found it out then was very furious and depressed. The only thing that she can share her feelings with is her doll. She brought her doll at a school where blind children live. They broke the doll into pieces. May decided to make a new one but with real parts of the body. She then killed the people and get the parts separately from them and connected it. May made a human sized doll. But one thing is missing is that it has no eyes so she got her one eye and put it in the doll. May was feeling exhausted and painful due to her missing eye. She rested at the bed together with the doll and suddenly it moved.


The mystery behind this film is that the doll became alive even if its parts where from different people. May wanted to have a companion because in her entire life, she was alone. She just wanted a friend so she created one as what to her mom told her. The movie is just like having a friend like Pinocchio and suddenly it comes to life. This horror film is also different from the others since May is not the victim here but she was the one killing other people. There was no bias for gender like the old films had.


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