Cabout of the Woods

The Cabin In The Woods is a different take on the typical slasher film. It starts with a group of friends heading off to a secluded cabin in the woods, despite being warned by a gross old man regarding stories about that part of the town. I say it was a different take because of the plot twist where we find out that they are actually being held captive for sacrifice to prevent the end of the world.

First of all, I thought the movie was more of funny than horrifying. It had its few jump-scares moment, but it was really dominantly entertaining in a comical way. Though the plot was much different that the typical slasher film, it made use of stereotypical characters like the jock, blonde, virgin, and stoner. Of course, there is the classic cellar investigation thing. What I remember mostly is the part where they read the part of the diary which said that they shouldn’t read it. I don’t know if it’s a premise that we should think that the characters in a horror movie have not seen any horror movies at all, thus explaining the ignorance, but I think that part was too overused already.

The plot twist is basically Hunger Games without the characters’ consent. The environment they were in were manipulated by an industrial facility responsible for getting sacrificed bodies for the sake of the world. The ending gave the movie its uniqueness, and I honestly was surprised, but not in a terrified way. I also think it’s nice that they didn’t rely solely on monsters as killers, because that would have been unoriginal. I also liked the part where Dana was the only one left, because it gave the suspense to the movie that I always find important in horror films. But the part where we find out that the monsters were actually caged in the facility and then were released by the two remaining characters was just too funny for me. That’s when it started to shift from horror to comedy. Of course, some of the monsters looked scary, but it was just really really funny, especially the one with the unicorn.

But maybe that was the point of the movie. To point out to the audiences the different cliches that horror movies continuously portray. The two men who overlooked the situation actually reflects both audience and writers who expect the horror genre to portray such overused characters and scenarios. I get how writers want to exploit this idea, but that’s what Scream is for, so no need to repeat such motives. Although I would not say it is a horror film, it’s pretty entertaining without specifically determining which genre it belongs in.

I am not quite sure if this film is considered as a horror film with all it’s funny dialogues and satirical plot, but it just comes off as a money-hoarder, more so because of the famous actors, to viewers who expect so much more than that. I think it would be a great movie for people who are more open to horror films as not being entirely terrifying.


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