Can I come in?

Let The Right One In reminds me of one of the films we watched in class, which is Grace. Both movies are about blood-sucking monsters. Both monsters were taken cared of by their parents just for their own sake. In Grace, her mother feeds her through breastfeeding even though it hurts too much and even though it bleeds. On the other hand, in Let the Right One In, the father kills other people just to feed the girl, Eli, to survive.


The movie started when Oskar, saw new neighbors moved in at their building. Oskar had no friends and was always bullied at school. He plays by himself at the courtyard near their apartment. The new girl approached him and Oskar liked her. Since then, they became friends. Oskar knew that there was something wrong with this girl, Eli. She was a bit skinny and was not feeling cold outside when they were with each other. In fact, she’s not wearing any jacket or sweater to keep her warm. Oskar had no idea that Eli was a vampire. Her father kills other people for blood to be given to Eli. One day, he was at the school and he had a student as one of the victim. He was about to be discovered but due to his love for Eli and to protect the identity of Eli, he poured acid in his face so that no one can recognize him. He was taken at the hospital and Eli went there. Eli was in need of blood and felt weak. So the father sacrificed himself and offered his own blood. Eli was left alone so she went to Oskar. After that, they become closer to each other and loved each other. One day, Oskar decided to go out with Eli and to make things closer, Oskar wanted to have a blood compact. When Oskar cut his hand and it bled, suddenly Eli was overpowered and started licking the blood at the floor. Eli was out of control and left Oskar. Until then, Eli avoided Oskar and hid. Since Eli was left alone and no one to feed her, she fed herself through killing the people at the town. Oskar knew what Eli was so he confronted her. He accepted her even though she was not of his kind, a monster. One of the witnesses of Eli’s killings knew who she was, so he went to investigate in the apartment. Oskar saw him so he rushed to protect Eli. Eli woke up and made the witness as her meal. Eli thanked Oskar, but she knew that more people would go after her so she needs to hide somewhere where no one can find her. Oskar felt depressed that she has to go away, but he’s thankful that Eli taught her to be strong against bullies. The bullies picked on him during his swimming class and he was being drowned. To his surprise, Eli came, saved him and killed the bullies. At the end of the movie, Oskar was on a train with a huge box containing Eli.


The difference of this movie among other horror films is that the monster is not really bad. She only kills people because she needs to. Unlike other films, the monsters are not in their right mind and have no option to spare people. The movie also focused on the idea of love of Oskar despite Eli’s being.


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