Nasty JT

Deadgirl is a story about two friends who discover a woman’s corpse in an abandoned facility. Surprisingly, the body that appears to be dead was not entirely dead at all ad it was able to move. One of them, JT, decided to use the girl for sexual pleasure, while the other, Ricky, contemplated and decided to abstain from doing so. Tension builds up between their friendship as JT grows to be attached to the girl’s body.

This movie might just be the most disturbing movie in the sense that it tackles a moral dilemma regarding necrophilia. I know that necrophilia is illegal in most countries, but this movie makes you ask yourself if a corpse has more purpose than objectification. As JT always insists, the dead girl’s body didn’t have no capability to restrict nor does it have any capability to be useful in a dignified way. Of course, as a woman myself, I felt very much offended by the movie as it also depicts the powerlessness of women when it comes to sexuality. Men, on the other hand, are depicted as dominant and instinctive when it comes to sexuality. But this does not mean that they are more of a human being than women. It actually denotes that men are just like animals, attacking whatever is in front of them. Sometimes I think that women are more powerful in the sense that they get to lure men into unthinkable things, men are weak for giving into temptation.

Another point that this movie might be trying to tackle is that it is not necessarily based on gender, but that anyone is susceptible of getting sexually abused. The act is fully dependent on the agent alone, since men get raped in real life too. Ricky also had the idea of using the body for his own pleasure as he wanted to do to his crush Joanne, but he thought hard against the idea that he ended up doing nothing at all. JT, on the other hand, was not able to fight his urges and solely submitted to his instincts.

Despite the disturbing imagery, I really thought the movie was okay. It’s another spin to the zombie horror genre, where the man is able to take control of the monster. The acting would have been better, though JT’s performance was remarkable. It was quite uncanny though that a human body is left in the institution. Knowing how strict building policy is in America, I would presume that the body would have been found when the building was abandoned. Also, I didn’t find the film scary, but rather gross. The grossest part would be when the dead girl bit Joanne’s boyfriend’s private part. I thought the ending was the only part where the scary part entered.

All in all, I didn’t really like the plot. It came off to me as just another writer’s shallow fantasy brought to life. Few films are able to transform a nasty concept into magnificent cinema, Deadgirl wasn’t able to do justice to the Frankenstein-like idea.


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