Dead Girl

The movie “Dead Girl” releases in 2009 shows a very western culture, one that is not as accepted here in the Philippines. The first scene depicts the 2 lead actors leaving school and finding themselves in a deserted asylum. Here, they find what seems like a dead girl in a bodybag. As they investigated, they discovered that this girl slash creature is restrained, but cannot be killed. JT, the stronger character of the two then decided to use the lady as a sex slave. While at first Rockie, his companion, strongly disagreed with this action, the movie will then show him doing the same act to the girl of his dreams, Joann.

This movie didn’t really scare me because of some cultural factors. For one, kids in the Philippines do not have the same values as the ones shown in the movie. Cutting class and going to deserted asylums (if there are any here), are not a fashion in this country. Rape is seen as a crime, and women are highly respected. This is perhaps why this movie, though very violent and straight to the point did not appeal to me. The idea that what is happening in the movie is for one, not extremely scary with loud noises and surprises, and two, far from happening in the circumstance I find myself in, or so I think. The movie does not contain the usual ghosts and scary monsters that hunt down people, but instead, talks about a moral issue that would be highly discussed here.

Rather than being scared, I was disturbed by how Rockie’s character turned out to be. He was the “good guy” at the start, and seemed to have a good stand when it comes to his values. The rather quick and unexpected change when it came to his role both surprised and disappointed me. The hero in the movie turned out to be like ever other bad guy presented. The loss of hope gave me a sad feeling after the credits rolled down.


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