Ginger Snaps

Ginger Snaps

Ginger snaps is the type of movie that teenagers nowadays would still appreciate. Although it is a horror film, it gives off the just another teen movie vibe. This vibe effortlessly carries the horror factor of the film with it. This horror part is shown to be not exactly scary, but somewhat “just part of the film.” As it integrated the scary and abnormal, with the normal and usual of teenage angst and development, it did not really send me the message that something to be feared is coming soon. The horror of the movie developed just as ginger was developing into a woman— through baby steps. This way, the fear within the audience also grew just as slowly, making it somewhat unnoticeable.

The idea of the werewolf was changed compared to the usual books and movies as the norm was seen in guys changing into a creature every full moon. In gingersnaps, the fact that the gender of the monster was changed made it more interesting. The sensual allure of the woman gave the character more spike and gave the story a more interesting plot. The parallelism of womanhood to being a werewolf gave the movie not just an interesting story, but an insightful and peculiar way of development.

Other than the emphasis on gender, the movie also showed the importance of the relationships of the characters before and after the transformation. The relationship of ginger and her sister is focused on all throughout the movie, even with the other things simultaneously going on. Amidst everything that happened, the bond between the sister kept strong even if one of them had drastically changed.

In Ginger Snaps, the role of the monster was portrayed in a different way—more tempting and more attractive. It is only at the climax of this attraction that the beast is unleashed, and the violence starts, and amidst all the things that had happened, the relationships of the main characters withstand everything. Although this cycle may also be found in other movies, the mixture of the style and the story complements one another in building up right until the resolution at the very end, giving the story a proper close, and the audience, the peace and closure they needed.


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