Ginger Snaps

Puberty, one of the most confusing stages of a person’s life, is a combination of unbalanced hormones, unreasonable judgement, and a change in body structure. Most adolescence find this portion of their lives very ‘horrorifying’ and confusing because it becomes the stage of rediscovery. They begin to uncover things they never even knew existed. Being surrounded by new ideas, people, changes, and environment, especially during adolescence, can surely bring out the creative mind of a teenager. Ginger snaps portrays adolescence through the eyes of two very different girls, two girls who see this stage of life as something stupid because deep inside they afraid of changing.

                It is indeed interesting how the movie plays with the idea of werewolves and adolescence. In mythological or folkloric stories being transformed into a werewolf was considered a curse. On the other hand werewolves are also seen as a creature that holds immense power and strength. Same goes for the idea of being adolescence, for most part people see it as an unending chapter of horror and pain while others see it as the beginning of being something more or even being untouchable. Ginger snaps somehow captures that chapter of every person’s life. A period of fear of trying to grasps one’s place during a very confusing moment in time. Ginger and Brigitte’s portrayal as being an adolescent is parallel to the conception of the transformation of a werewolf – rather seen as a metaphor. The experience of being a teenager is but a gruelling and ugly experience everyone must go through. In my opinion this portrayal of adolescence was very good. It definitely showed the horrors of going through the dramas and the uncertainties of a teenager. Just as we have mentioned over and over in class, the unknown is one of the most terrifying places to be in.


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