Ginger Snaps

This is a movie that if I would not have watched on my own because at a glance, it seems to be from the horror-comedy genre. I admit that because of this class, I am learning that I am actually a judgmental and close-minded horror fan, contrary to what I claim to be. I tend to ignore good horror films simply because they do not seem interesting or appear to be “low-budget.” I realize now, especially through this movie, that I need to be more open-minded about certain horror films because they might actually surprise me in a good way.

Ginger Snaps is one of the movies shown in this class that I have not watched before and actually really enjoyed. I liked it first and foremost because of its eccentricity. It is comedic yet at the same time awkward and somewhat dark. In other words, it is very fascinating for me to watch a horror movie that is not entirely scary or suspenseful. I especially enjoyed the fact that there was a constant shifting between horror and comedy in this movie because it was neither tiring nor boring. The fact that it made me laugh at one moment and then scared at the next made me truly pay attention to the movie.

Second, I found it interesting how the movie played at the female transition from girl to woman and related it to the monstrous transition from human to werewolf.  In addition, I found it quite clever that both transitions are accompanied by pain and blood, not to mention the actual physical changes that both women and werewolves experience during their transformation. I think that this concept is intriguing because when I think about it, women going through the menstrual process to some extent are quite vicious and emotional and instinctual, just like the werewolf. Furthermore, it was interesting to see how both changes coincided with each other, such that the moment the girl started her menstrual cycle was also the start of her werewolf transformation, thus neither she nor her sister were able to differentiate between the two at first.

Lastly, I think that Ginger Snaps is a good horror movie because of the fact that despite the source of monstrosity being known, the characters as well as the viewers do not completely understand what is happening. What I mean by this is that the characters, especially the sister, just choose to accept the events that are unfolding even though she cannot fully grasp it. In addition, even though she knew that the werewolf still had her sister’s consciousness, she chose to end its life and thus choosing to acknowledge that her sister is physically and mentally a monster that does not have a place in her life nor in the world. And that, for me, is quite horrific in its own sense.


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