Halloween is a classic slasher horror film that features a psychotic murderer who escaped from prison. I personally think that there is nothing special about the film. It may have the basic elements of a horror film such as the cinematography and the sound but as far as it goes, plot-wise it is similar to every other horror film.

The murderer comes into town, starts killing people. One by one they disappear until one of the main characters find a dead body. At the same time, the police start investigating. More blood and gore follow until the main character, be it male or female, finally goes to face off the murderer because he has to protect a himself or a loved one (this could any of the following: a love interest, a relative, or an object that the murderer is after). The police conveniently arrive after the main protagonist’s confrontation with the murderer to apprehend the perpetrator. The ending will supposedly give the audience comfort in the fact that the killer is dead but when the authorities start looking for the body of murderer it is nowhere to be found.

The film follows a long running cliché of a murderer who in his childhood experienced something extremely traumatic that his psychosis was affected. The murderer grows up in a mental ward and escapes, hungry for blood and chaos and starts preying on the weak. The setting ranges from isolated and rumoured to be haunted campsites to the more populated suburbs and usually the first of the victims are women and they are hunted one by one, until it escalates to groups of people. Also, for some reason, the authorities never find any leads in any of the crime scenes until it is already too late. Halloween is clearly inspired by another classic slasher horror film Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock. The only difference it has is that unlike all the other imitations of Psycho, Halloween actually has less blood and gore. The film makes use of the lights and shadows to establish an atmosphere, which compensates for the lack of blood. In some scenes, the shadowing and the lighting, together with the actions of the killer himself work hand in hand to set the atmosphere.

Over all, the film Halloween as a horror film does its job at giving the audience suspense and it is not advised to be seen by those who are weak at heart. Unfortunately with the cliché for slasher films having been established I do not see anything special in it. The play in lights and sound did provide an interesting aesthetic for me though.


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