Inn Keepers

InnKeepers has been an incredibly interesting movie quite unlike the supernatural ghouls we so often see in Asian horror movies. Don’t get me wrong, I also like asian ghost horror movies because of the thrill and surprise factor. Although the surprise factor is what you get from these asian horror movies, it can be coined as a cheap horror because it utilizes what is known to be jumpscares or simply cheap scares. I really don’t mind the cheap scares because knowing that it exists for a movie makes you focus more on the movie while bracing yourself for what is to come. InnKeepers however, did not have that level of cheapness of horror. More accurately, it had a slow but calculated crawl towards what makes us cringe and surely keeps us on our toes, unable to look away but at the same time, terrified of what we are seeing.
It is interesting to note however that for the woman in the film, the object of horror that is the ghost of Madeline is of great spectacle for her. Williams writes about the various implications of the power of the gaze of the woman. Claire in her own brave attempt at being like Luke, frequently tries to record a possible phenomenon at the Inn they work at. She sees how Luke is brave enough to capture these creepy videos and therefore attempts contact with the other, the abjection itself. She also felt a certain connection with this spirit and took pity on Madeline for her unfortunate and untimely demise which further fueled her activities to make contact. One night, she most unfortunately succeeds in making the connection when she heard what can only be a disembodied music which could only be heard using the most sensitive of equipment. However, as she gazes upon which is the otherworldly, or in this case, the monster that is the spirit of Madeline, she cannot look away and we as the viewers, join along with Claire as she delves further into the mystery. This act of the gaze upon the abnormal by Claire empowers her own status in an attempt to be as brave a person as Luke seemed to be. Of course when it was revealed later in the movie that Luke, the brave brave man who is seemingly immune to horror whom Claire hangs onto the standard of being, actually made the “proofs of Madeline’s spirit” making them fake, Claire must have realized that she must break contact with Madeline and escape from the Inn as soon as possible. She lost her Luke’s standard like how Rome lost its Roman Eagle Standard, and therefore implodes making her panicky and scared of the abnormal. What was their response to this predicament? Suicide that’s what for the decision they reached after confirming the existence of the abnormal is to Split Up which was propably what lead to Claire’s doom in the first place.
Williams writes how the gaze of the woman ultimately can lead to her punishment and soon, her demise as she finally confronts the monster that is Madeline in the basement. And as the spectral horror nears, Claire can only gaze some more upon the figure and subject her fate to the ethereal looming over her.


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