Just Let Her In Already (Let the right one in)

Let The Right One In

            Since I have watched a very similar film entitled “Let Me In,” watching and keeping my focus on the movie was very hard to do. The fact that I didn’t like the movie before added to the frustration of having to sit through class, and watch scenes I’m not interested in, and having to correctly guess what was going to happen next just because the two movies are too alike.

            Let Me In shows how a disturbed boy who is always bullied and ostracize in school ends up making friends with a strange young girl who lives near his place. Little did he know that this girl is a vampire. But unlike the usual vampire stories we know where the creature is hot, drinks blood, and has other super powers like compelling others, super speed, and great strength, the movie portrays the girl as a regular human being at first. It would be later in the movie where we see her actually do something uncommon for it would always be the guardian of the who would always be the one to do the dirty part of the work to get her blood, etc.

            Generally, I am disappointed with the fact that this movie has a “twin,” and that none of the two caught my attention. I think it was because majority of the content of the movie lies in the script, a factor hard to focus on when the graphics are usually dull and grey. I didn’t notice the horror part of the movie much, except the very obvious part that there is a vampire as a character. A little bit of killing was done, but not to the point that images from the scenes would haunt me as much. The image of a vampire in my head is so changed that I couldn’t even consider the character of the girl in the movie as one. She was just another girl who is weird and peculiar, but not really a monster to be scared of.


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