Language the Driving Force

Everyday, we use words to relay what we feel and think. We use words to communicate with each other even if at times we may not be truly listening. English, the world’s universal language, has connected people from all over. English is the most dominant language and it is the language that brings people to places. It has been seen as the language that can make one successful. It was instilled in us that we MUST learn to speak english, knowing our native tongue is not enough.  I always knew words had the power to affect people but they always said words are just words. Actions speak louder but that wasn’t the case in Pontypool. Pontypool has to be one of the wittiest horror films I have seen, to be able to use such a mundane act and twist it into something complex and significant. Not only does it use words but specifically the english language, how we have become too attached to learn and speak this ‘universal tongue’.

                Pontypool makes us realize the horror of becoming so obsessed with a language; language that can make our dreams come true; a language that so many people desire to learn. Let have the Koreans as an example. They would even leave their own country just to learn english. Pontypool makes us see how we have turned into zombies desiring to speak this foreign tongue. We have become slaves in our own reality not recognizing that we should take hold and be proud of our native tongue. I too am I victim of this. I grew up making English my first language and thinking that it is the more superior. Hence, I have ended up just like the citizens of Pontypool.

                This movie is an eye opener. It makes us understand that language can become the antagonists in our well-being. The monster that destructs all of us. The horror of our lives


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