Masked Humanity (Halloween)


of all the movies we watched in class this semester, I found Halloween the scariest. It started out with a creepy history of a young, disturbed boy killing his family members, and follows his development into a man. No matter how many years have already passed, he still remains as the disturbed murderer that he was. It took me a long time to accept that this young, innocent looking boy could do such things, but after really going through every domain in his life— his lack of friends, his mother being a pole dancer, not having a real father figure to look up to, it is quite understandable how he was able to do such things—in a very sad, twisted way that is. Although it seems like a lot of horror movies have been structured this way (character goes on a killing spree because of reasons that stem from way back), the thing that makes Halloween stand out is the Mask. The lead character, Michael, has this thing for masks, and it was shown in the entire movie how much he gives importance to them. This mask that hides his face when he kills conceals all human emotions that can be seen in him. This concealment removes what human remains in him, and then I just see him as a monster— no different from any other killing machine. This lack of the human factor makes the movie so much scarier for me, because I feel like I am no longer dealing with someone I know, or someone I can know. “it” just kills, like any other thing with not feelings, no emotions, no heart— IT can just will anything he wants and do it without logic, without remorse.

This feeling of Michael not having emotions and not being human heightens when he comes after his little sister. The baby was the only thing he showed thoughts and care for, and I couldn’t believe he would come for her as well. The only thread linking him with his humanity is about to be killed. The killings of innocent people along the way, so bloody and violent, also added brutality to the film. People who were only doing what they would usually do all killed by this machine. In the end, when Michael was killed, I still did no have the sense of peace that I would usually have at the end of a horror movie. Killing the monster was not enough for the pain and violence of his deeds still haunted me long after the credits rolled.


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