May’s story creeped me out because the dilemma shown in the movie was more personal than supernatural. As I looked at her, I see her as a pretty lady with issues stemming from her childhood. But even with the lack of friends and self-confidence, I think the change within her was too exaggerated and got too out of hand. I understand that she might be feeling different and out of place, and that this may bring about unnecessary actions, but the way May dealt with this problem is so peculiar and violent that it is already disturbing.

May is not your typical horror movie in the sense that there really is no monster, or no supernatural being to blame for any of the unfortunate events that happened in the film. There were no ghosts, or no murderer that came running after the lead star. instead, May fought with her self and her imaginary friend of a doll about the realities and complexities of life. She sought refuge in her only friend— the one thing she thought she could trust, and when she was gone, she had to find a replacement. This is where the disturbing act of cutting out every perfect part of a body she found, and sewing it all together comes in. May is so disturbed by the “passing” of her friend that everything about her life was already so bizarre.

The sad thing about this is that if only she let go, and not try too hard, I don’t see why she cant be a normal person. She might not be the stereotypical cool girl that everyone chases, but she can be May, a girl, and not May, the weird body-part-cutting psycho.



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