May: Lessons on How to be Human

Is there a class on how to be human? Well, if asked in some places, the answer will be yes, it is called religion or theology or maybe even good manners and right conduct. However, there is a more primal education in the subject matter of being human, something which is at the core of being a human. It is through the contact with other human beings. We as children, developed our personalities by being in touch with other people  There is a saying that tto know oneself, the eyes of a close friend can be the answer because that person must know you a great deal. However, take any concepts of human contact and human interaction, what kind of education on humanity will one experience?
May grew up with an eye condition which basically separated her from everybody else. Because of this condition, she had no real friends, no real human contact which led to her parents giving her a best friend, a doll while saying, “IF you cannot find a friend, then make one”. May, having grown up without any true friends, treated the doll as her only true friend whom she even may have developed split-personality issues for she even consults with the doll for lessons on many aspects of human interaction, basically lessons on how to be human. She did not learn from anybody real, and therefore relied on her subconscious “human” to guide her. Her desire to be normal is strong at the very least and she wants something to hold onto, something that can make her more human, something she always wanted to have. When she fails at her date, she blames her subconsciousness for it and attempts to hide it in an attempt to renounce that which brings about imbalance and hide it in a place, where she may not see it again. As Creed writes about how this realization of the existence of the abjection which is in this case, her doll or her subconscious, may attempts to get rid of it and expel it from her system. She however, in her attempted abjection, ultimately failed in her last and desperate attempt to connect with a human being, she crossed over the boundary that defines the normal and the abnormal, and joined her subconscious and become one.
It was interesting to watch her internal conflicts where one expresses a deep desire to be more human and achieve a definite connection to none other than a loved one, and the other one, well… it is something else entirely. This abjection of the other self is also found in other classic horror stories, more notably, Dr. Jekyll and Hyde where the two have conflicts on who gets to drive the wheel so to speak. It so happens that in May, she came to a conclusion that since she couldn’t find friends, her one and only true self is the one and only abjection. This leads to her being the monster in her causing the conflict between what is supposed to be in order and what belongs to chaos which can only be found beyond the boundaries of acceptance. The movie May, because of the intrinsic properties of the human persona that is May itself, was filled with terrifying imagery, which can only be the representation of the inner workings of the mind that the object of abjection itself.


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