What Now? (TRIANGLE)

I signed up for this class not because I am an avid horror film fan, but because I wanted to have a fun class that would help me relax and get through my last semester in college. After the first meeting, I was sure I made the right decision.

The movie triangle was had an unexpected theme for me. Assuming that my horror film class would show movies containing monsters and generally dead people, this movie’s story caught me by surprise. Amidst the lack of shut eyes and loud screams that would usually be seen or heard within the room,  the atmosphere was definitely tense. Triangle gave me the feeling of suspense all throughout the movie, which is ironic because of its circuitous pattern. The fact that the characters went in circles, reliving their past actions and mistakes not only instilled within me the sense of unfamiliarity, but also heightened a deep sense of discomfort. While I had an underlying expectation of what is to happen, I would also continuously have a feeling of uncertainty; a feeling that anything could happen. This feeling of uncertainty and confusion made me ponder on the different types of fear discussed in class.

As Sir have mentioned in his past lectures, we may be fearful of two of many things: the familiar, and the unfamiliar. The movie Triangle captured both types for me. For one, the familiar feeling of the characters having gone through the same experiences over and over again gave me an uneasy feeling because of the hovering thought that they would indeed just continue the chain. On the other hand, the characters trying to change their steps and venturing into the “unfamiliar” path of the story also passed on to me the fear that something worse might occur. Triangle with its complex, yet straightforward storyline exemplifies that a horror movie need not be gory to the point of wanting to throw up your last meal, or surprising that would make you shout at the top of your lungs. Triangle is a movie that pushes you beyond your limits, and one that not only throws you out of your comfort zone, but also keeps you grounded there— far away from the known facets you have grown used to. Triangle is a movie that would make you think, and continue to think hours later of what would, could and might happen IF… and personally, I think that that thought in itself is frightening enough.


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