Ponty Pool

I think that one of the elements that make up what I consider a good horror movie is the atmosphere it portrays. I also think that the atmosphere – whether or not the over-all environment complements the theme of the plot – greatly influences the movie and its message to the audience. In my opinion, the atmosphere that was illustrated in Ponty Pool really contributed to its feeling of isolation and desolation. In addition, this helplessness that not only the characters but also the audience feel turns into utter horror as the movie progresses.

The movie revolves around a team of radio broadcasters that inadvertently become involved in an epidemic that devastates their town. Because the team is quarantined and strongly advised to stay inside the radio station, it is only through listener calls and media information that they are aware of the chaos happening just outside of the building. I think that this factor, along with the environment of the town being cold and uninviting, complement the plot quite well. Also, the fact that the characters did not see what was happening nor have concrete proof that the entire thing was not a hoax added to the horror aspect of the movie.

For me, the most interesting and fascinating aspect of the movie is the concept of a non-viral contagion that turns the infected into zombie-like creature. This was so intriguing because it was a novel interpretation of the common zombie apocalypse scenario, and it went even further by relating it to a current global phenomenon, specifically that the use of language in the present times has been abused to the point that the meanings of words have become distorted or “infected.” I think that the movie beautifully illustrated such a philosophical concept into a concrete and tangible event in the form of a literal global apocalypse triggered by infected words.

Even though there were moments in watching the movie that I got lost or found it hard to understand what was happening, it is a worthwhile movie for the horror fan who is looking for something unique. I think that Ponty Pool is the kind of horror movie that is interesting when it is watched and becomes scarier when it is analyzed and thought about after watching it.


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