Power is Ultimate

I was very much excited to hear that Rec had a sequel to find out how the producers would continue the story intrigued me. Rec greatly symbolized the secrecy of probably every government and the interplay of religion and the government. Yet we see that one institution seems to have the higher power over the other. In this continuation we see even more secrets each institution has kept from the society but we realize that there is one major institution that seems to have the ultimate power over everyone – the Catholic Church. From here we can see how the lack of separation between the church and state can possibly create chaos.

Again we see can the government playing an active role in trying to maintain peace and order. It seems that in order to maintain this order the government does it by hiding information from the society and if people try to find out, freedom of information, they are silenced before they get a chance to speak. Just like how the teenagers snuck in into the building, we see a direct analogy at how freedom of speech is thrown down the drain. This freedom of speech is symbolized with the video camera they held while entering into the building and as we saw in the movie; they were prohibited and scolded for having one. Again we see the desire of control the government and church contain. But this desire for power and control is more evident within the Catholic Church, to the point of lying about the identification of the priest. But this time not only do we see the façade, the government and the church hold, the movie also shows how religion has driven us to just follow without questioning. What we have always known to be familiar has become unfamiliar. The secret world the Church has been hiding is a few only dare to adventure. Again we are placed in the world of the unknown – a place that everyone feels uncomfortable. This is where we see the horror within the film; the secrets, the demons, the lies – the unknown.

Rec 2 was an average film for me, though I was pretty surprised the way the movie ended. I definitely did not expect it. 


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