Radically Engrossing Cinema

REC follows a young reporter, Angela,  along with a cameraman, Pablo, who document the night shift of the local fire station. Fortunately (unfortunately later on), the boring night became a dramatic one as they get a call from a building about a trapped woman in one of the apartment units. As they walk in the apartment, they find all the residents huddled up at the lobby. When they visited the old lady in the room, they find out that something is obviously wrong with her. The chaotic nightmare starts there as the building gets quarantined due to a suspected virus. This documentary-style of horror film will surely surprise the audience as it takes on a new perspective of horror cinema.

I’ve watched the American remake of REC a few years back so I already had an idea of what the plot is all about. I honestly thought I wouldn’t get scared at all knowing the basics of the story, but I stand corrected. The original version was way more terrifying, mostly because of the language. I always think that there’s something demonic about the Spanish language, maybe due to its resemblance with Latin. Aside from the language, the cinematography is also remarkable. The tight spaces gave me claustrophobia even with just watching. The indie effect and the acting of the lead character also contributed to its mockumentary style, that it felt as though it was real. The shakiness of the camera may be distracting for others, but I thought it gave a surprising effect whenever it suddenly turns into a scary scene.

My favorite part in REC would be the ending. The last few minutes of the movie just gave me the chills of the chills. I imagined the Medeiros girl to look like a zombie girl, but not that kind of zombie girl. For a fan of imagery, that image surely sticked to my mind. The pacing throughout the story was just right to build up the tension at the ending. You can just feel the escalating emotions within the room, both in the movie and the room we’re watching in. In Filipino lingo: Nakakastress.

Not knowing what the very root cause of the infection also contributed to how remarkable it is. Is it a zombie virus? Demonic possession? Zombie demonic possession? It’s not clarified, but that makes it much better. Just when you thought it’s just another zombie movie, the screen blasts out something terrifying beyond words.

I can’t say much about it because it was just really a classic straight-to-the-point horror movie. The plot is not necessarily that strong, but said factors aided the movie to be a really fantastic one – one of the greatest I’ve seen so far. Although there are other films that tried to give the first POV experience (I actually liked Paranormal Activity 3,) there’s still something so special about REC that makes it stand out from the rest. I don’t know about you, but all I’m sure of is I got trouble sleeping or even being in the dark and narrow spaces after watching this movie.


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