Rec 2

Similar to the format of The Blair Witch Project, the film Rec 2 was filmed like a documentary. It followed the events that happened in the first movie Rec and it was revealed that whatever that was killing the people trapped in the same building were not zombies, but rather people who were apparently possessed by evil demonic spirits. It is a horror film in the sense that it has that there is something unknown killing off the characters one by one until later on it is revealed. I find the previous movie Rec scarier because of the thought that the news crew was actually facing zombies. Later on in Rec 2 the next group of victims including a priest find out that they are facing humans possessed by the devil. However, while zombies remain rather impossible as of present, possessions have been proven to be possible. There is solid proof that such demonic activities do exist and that they happen. What probably adds to the horror element is that itself, that it is possible and that it could actually happen. Given that the phenomenon is possible, but the cause and effect it quite unknown and extremely unpredictable makes it scary. The fact that it could happen and might even be happening in the present adds to the horror factor of Rec 2. Honestly, at the beginning of the movie I thought that it would not be that good because the stigma stuck that it is just another zombie movie. It only dawned on me as the movie moved towards the end that Rec 2 is actually not ‘just another zombie movie’. It sort of tricks you into believing and preparing for a zombie film, and then it shocks you as the movie progresses. The several twists even further complicate the film, adding then subtracting characters with different backgrounds. All in all, I can say that Rec 2 is definitely a horror film.


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