Rec, a movie filmed in 2007, tells the story of a reporter named Angela, and her cameraman Pablo. The tandem were to interview the local fire department, but instead is side tracked when the station receives a call about a woman being trapped in the apartment building. Things started to turn for the worse when they found out that there is an unknown virus circling the building which causes a lockdown, and in turn trapping all of the firefighters, residents and both Angela and Pablo inside the establishment. As they waited for the quarantine service to arrive, they were forced to fight for their lives against humans turned into zombie-like monsters by the virus. The fighting and the running force Angela and Pablo up the penthouse where they have another big discovery of their own. The source of the virus, a young girl thought to be possessed, was kept in the ver penthouse that they find themselves in. In darkness, they seek refuge and try their best to run away from this possessed and deformed woman. The lights of pablo’s camera, the only thing that gave vision the entire movie are broken, and all that was left to witness the scene was the video camera.

Aside from the style of the movie that made me dizzy (Pablo running with camera while filming), it also did not catch my attention that much. Maybe it’s the gloomy feel of the film that made it seem so old that failed keep me in tune all throughout. It also had the usual people get a virus then turn into zombies plot. I had an inkling of how every scene would play, and what trick would come next. However, even with all these things, I must admit that I still was caught off guard in some cases that caused me to squeal, or give out a very very short scream. Overall, I think the movie would be categorized under on of the more general / stereotypical horror film, but would need to try harder to scare people off.


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