Saving Grace

Madeline Matheson, the lead character in the movie, has been trying to get pregnant with her husband, Michael. When she finally succeeds, she makes sure to take care of her health, even if this means disobeying the wishes of her overly concerned mother in law. Madeline decides that she wants to deliver the baby the natural way, while her mother in law argues that she consults with the family doctor. After being in a terrible car accident which kills Michael, Madelin is worried that her baby was affected too. It turns out that the baby died inside Madeline’s womb, but even after this new, she still decided to keep the baby and deliver at the right time no matter what. After the baby was delivered dead, Madeline refuses to let Grace, the name she gave her daughter, go. To the surprise of her midwife Patricia, the baby was wished to life by Madeline. However, this comes with a price. Grace was born with an appetite for blood, and this is the only thing that she accepts. Madeline tries her best to provide for Grace from buying her food, to killing herself at the end just to feed Grace.

This last part of the movie was what caught my attention. Though the plot of the film wasn’t typical of a horror movie, it was the reality of the intensity of the love of the mother to her child that scared me. Though we might usually see love in a good and harmless way, this film provided me with an objective lens to look at the relationships that happen around me. This supposedly harmless love of a mother to her child caused so much chaos, and this made me realize that the same thing might be happening within our families now. The emotions that ran throughout the movie made its effect on the audience that maybe some drama films would do more than horror ones. This hurtful love, so intense that it causes pain and suffering upon others might be occurring within out midst, but we also might be too invested in the situation to see it for ourselves.


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