Slutlig skräckfilm: Låt Den Rätte Komma In

The movie, Let The Right One In, stands more as a romantic movie than a horror movie. The romantic situation between the two main characters were more of a focus than the infliction of horror to its viewer.

The movie focuses on the development between the characters Oskar, a very passive boy and Eli, a very imposing vampire girl. Their relationship grows as they become close through their nightly meetings and this grows into something not even both of them expected. Oskar really liked Eli as it seemed to show that whatever reason Eli seem to tell Oskar he doesn’t mind one bit of it. In the end, Oskar runs away with Eli caring for her during the day while they cherish the nights together, though not explicitly said in the film.

What I really liked about the movie is that it sticks with the classical vampire lore. The title itself is a direct link to vampire lore where they could not enter somebody else’s abode without being invited in. This is also shown in a harsh way in the film where Eli comes in Oskar’s apartment without being invited in and blood gushes out from almost every orifice of her body. The well-known vulnerability of vampires to sunlight is given great air time here with the suicide of Lacke’s girlfriend. Basically the presence of a classic vampire is very much a plus for me.

What makes it a horror film is more on the premise and imagery in the film. Things that are disgusting and repulsive are shown almost most of the time. Blood is a prevalent image in the film. We see different ways where in blood is being procured, the cattle like draining and collection of blood by Hakan, the vampiric sucking of blood by Eli and there are other simple ones like the supposed blood pact by Oskar and Eli and Conny’s bleeding ear. Another main object here is the vampire herself. The violation of death of the vampire proves it to be something that is outside what is supposed to be and the mere fact that its sustenance is brought forth by the loss of blood of another is something pretty dreadful. The repulsion of the vampire is pretty much a hot case as shown in the film most of them reject it. The infected girlfriend of Lacke knowing that she is turning purposefully ends her life not wanting to be something of unlife. Eli herself does not want to be one as she stated that she only kills because she has to and not for some selfish reason.

Aside from the apparent imagery, the existence of obstacles to Oskar’s and Eli’s relationship proves to be another source of horror in the film. Such are the early warnings of Hakan, Oskar’s bullies and ultimately Lacke’s search for Eli. These can be horrific since we wouldn’t want something to get in the way of that sweet innocent relationship.

The film is a great film which showcases the flexibility of horror films. They do not always stem from generic scares and excessive gore. Certain images and situations bring about this sense of horror. Let The Right One In does this well and though having horror elements and romance elements the two mesh together well to create conflict and good plot. The film was a great way to end the course as it gives a good feeling afterwards and we know that it is a horror film.


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