Small town where there were zombies- Pontypool

Ponty pool is quite interesting because it is mind boggling for me. I am somehow confused on how people get to be zombies but after watching it again, I understood how it turned out. It is not scary at all actually. But there are scenes that are gore like when Laurel tried to go in the booth to hear the voice of Grant for several times until she bled to death. This low budget movie is very claustrophobic as it was only shot mostly on the basement of the building where the radio station lies. This movie is a psychological thriller that plays on people’s minds.

It started out in a little town in Canada called Pontypool when Grant Massy was on his daily routine to work on a Valentine’s Day when a strange woman approached his car and knocked on the window. The woman was saying something but it is not clear to Grant. He was scared and he doesn’t know if he will call 911 or not. So he arrived at the radio station where he was a radio disc jockey.  He was a big time DJ who was relocated in Pontypool. A call from BBC was patched through their system and the anchorman was trying to confirm events that are happening in their area. They were told that a riot was happening but they seem to have trouble confirming it. After some time, they found people hurrying towards their station like a mob trying to attack a building. They knew that there is something wrong with these people. Grant along with his colleagues, the producer Sydney and their technical assistant Laurel Ann lock themselves in. Meanwhile, Laurel was showing some weird behavior and she’s fixating on the word “missing.” Sydney doesn’t know what is happening to her until a doctor, Dr. Mendez, who was hunted by the mob entered the studio and explained things to Grant and Sydney. They found out that a virus is affecting certain words. Words such as terms of endearment have become carriers of this virus. A person gets affected or becomes a zombie if he hears intimate words, and he repeats it over and over until it has no meaning. Laurel finally turned into zombie repeatedly slamming her head on the radio booth and vomited a large amount of blood and gore and then died. Dr. Mendez explained that once the zombie failed to pass on the virus, it dies. On the booth, the doctor was showing symptoms of becoming a zombie so Grant and Sydney left him inside the booth. They knew that English was the only language affected so they speak in French. Outside the booth, there was this girl zombie who attacked Grant and Sydney killed her. Sydney was depressed on killing the innocent girl so she then can’t make her mind out of the word “kill.” Grant noticed it and he tries to cure Sydney. He repeatedly said “kill is kiss.” He tried to change the meaning of kill for the understanding of Sydney. What Grant did worked so he broadcasted words through the station and changed the meaning of it.

Obviously the theme of this movie is about the conflict of communication. Sometimes, we say things like “I love you” over and over again until it lost its meaning. The movie also focuses on a political sense where instead of trying to communicate, violent things happen because it is easier than actual communication especially when there are a lot of people involved. The idea that the important things to us such us language is being attacked is scary.


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