The Innkeepers

The Innkeepers is one of the movies shown in class that quite fascinated me. I consider it a good horror movie because it deals with the supernatural (which I love) and it honestly scared me to some extent. To be honest, it was also refreshing to watch what I consider a typical horror movie after the several psychological-horror type movies shown in class. I do not mean that I did not enjoy these movies. On the contrary, I found those movies interesting because they broadened my knowledge of the horror genre. However, I still prefer horror movies that are to some extent typical or familiar to me.
First, I liked how the movie was made. I think that the slow plot development significantly contributed to the build up of the suspense in the movie. In addition, the filming itself made the movie scarier. Because a lot of the scenes were slow-panning, the audience are kept in suspense and tend to focus on the scene, expecting to see something at the other end of the room. I think that this aspect of the movie made it more terrifying that it actually is. On one hand, I find that these techniques make The Innkeepers a successful horror movie. On the other hand, the movie became a bit dragging because of these techniques.
However, I was fascinated at the fact that the characters were paranormal investigators who seemed to use their jobs as innkeepers as a way to gain access into the haunted hotel. Furthermore, I found it quite ironic that in a sense the thing they were looking for was apparently the one who found them first. It is also noteworthy that the character who supposedly had more experience and encounters with the otherworldly was the one who could not compose himself in the presence of the ghost.
Finally, I liked the twist near the end when the old man entered the story and in a sense became the catalyst for the vengeance of the spirit of his lover. I also liked the concept of the ghost itself because it was very haunting in a somewhat beautiful way. In the end, I enjoyed watching The Innkeepers because it kept me engaged and made me feel thrill and horror, all of which are aspects I look for when I watch horror movies.


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