This is the Voice

I have never been a fan of Asian horror films for I think, some of the plot are unbelievable and some aesthetics of the ghosts or monsters are obviously unrealistic. In the voice, it shows that Young-eon, a ghost in the school recalls her past and she tried to communicate with people who are alive. At first, it was a mystery to know the reason behind Young-eon’s death. Honestly, I was kind of bored with the film because the story is quite uninteresting. I felt asleep a several of times while watching it. For me, this film shouldn’t be considered a horror film (yes there are ghosts) but it was more on the drama or solving mysteries kind of genre.


At the opening scene of the Voice, a student who is a top singer at their school, Young-eon was murdered through a music sheet cutting her throat. I was amazed how a music sheet was able to kill a person by just a paper cut. On the next day, Young-eon’s ghost was wandering and only her best friend, Seon-min could hear her voice. Seon-min helped Young-eon in finding out what happened to her and who killed her. There was this strange girl in school, Cho-ah, who can also hear the voices of ghosts. Cho-ah tells Seon-min that ghosts only remember what they wanted to so some of the things that Young-eon told her might not be true.  Cho-ah also helped them and suspected that there might be another ghost that can be the reason behind the death of Young-eon. The body of Young-eon was later found in an elevator and there it was said that she was just unconscious and a student accidentally killed her by dropping down a cart that hit her neck. Flashbacks happened to Young-eon about her mother getting a suicide and her music teacher was asked by Young-eon to sing leading to suicide. In the flashbacks, because of Young-eon, her mother went to suicide. It was evident in the flashbacks that Young-eon had multiple personality disorder. It turned out that Young-eon had been hearing voices of her teacher and the ghost. Young-eon wanted to kill her teacher because she knew that the ghost was in love with her so when she dies, the ghost will therefore go away. We found out that the ghost was the one who killed Young-eon at the start. When Seon-Min knew this, she told Young-eon to move on but Young-eon only wants to be alive again. She then kills Cho-ah and took over the body of Seon-Min. At the end, we cn see that Cho-ah was shouting but voiceless.


The movie tried to show its audience the psychology behind a woman’s thinking. It is not only through the relationships but also the way the woman acts. Young-eon, since she died, she can’t know her true identity and only thing that she remembers is what she wants. That is the reason why some of the information she said to Seon-min are incorrect. It can also be concluded that because of her psychological disorder which affected the manipulation of the truth.



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