Too much

Blood, knives, screaming, boobs, beer, sex, and murder were the main themes of this movie. All those words, if I were to categorize, sum up a very typical male horror movie. How can one go wrong with sex and murder to gather up the male audience? Halloween very much objectified and used the female species for its own pleasure. I indeed sound very feminist but it surely made me feel terrible as a woman. Not the same kind of horrible that Grace depicted rather it made me feel like a tool or pawn in someone’s chess game. It lowered my sense of womanhood, my independence and my strength. I honestly hated the movie not only because of how it portrayed women but more likely because of its plot. There seemed to be a cyclical pattern on the climax of every frightening or scary scene. The cycle would be usually begun with boobs, sex and beer. After those three have shown, here swoops in Michael ready for the kill. Somehow every time Michael begins to kill he immediately kills the male in the scene making the victim experience death quickly. Unlike the female counterparts, it seems that they make Michael play with them and make their pain last for as long as Michael can.

                This movie really focused on women enduring pain for long periods. It made it look like a kid playing with his food, throwing, stabbing, and moving it as he pleases. It was dreadful having to watch the movie and tolerate seeing these women suffer. It was also dreadful watching the same plot occur over and over again – boobs, beer, sex and blood. Watching the movie made me feel angry and annoyed. Angry because I really detested the roles of the women and annoyed because it felt like I wasted my time.  There was no real story or good character formation.  Overall the lesson, the plot, the characters, and themes were very disappointing. Though it may be all about boobs, sex, alcohol and blood there are some movie with those main themes but are able to make a good horror movie. For me Halloween was not one of those movies. I left the classroom wanting to remove all the negative energy from the movie. It could be just me feeling this way about Halloween. I do not entirely understand horror movies that fall under this category. These kinds of movies require a specific taste and it definitely is not mine.


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