Trick or Death – halloween

Halloween for me is just one of the psycho horror movies where the person is crazy and kills everyone else. As a kid, Michael Myers thinks that killing is okay. Looking at his family, I think it is one of the reasons why he grew up like that, being a murderer. He has a mother who works at the club as a stripper and every time he gets home, no one seemed to care for him. He also have this drunkard father-in-law-ish and a sister who never takes care of him instead bullies him. Michael was always left unattended that he plays with his pets and kills them afterwards.  When he kills the pet and also everyone else in the house, he always wear his mask. The mask brings in confidence for him and makes him a different personality. By wearing it, he feels stronger and he is not insecure of himself. There is this scene when his mom told him to remove his mask but he said that he does not want people to see his face because he thought of himself as ugly and fat. This idea is due to his classmates who teases and bullies him at school.


When Michael was brought to the asylum, he felt sad and alone and really wanted to go out of it. But as times went by, his mother cannot bear the fact that her son is crazy so she decided to take a suicide. The younger sister of Michael was left alone and was handed over to the orphan. Michael being alone with no one else to visit him and knowing that his mom died took a vow of silence. He never spoke a word again due to the burden that he felt. There came a chance for him to break out of the asylum. He went back to their old house. When he was in their house, he saw this beautiful girl and felt like there was something with her that he feels that they are connected. You can see in the movie that Michael stalks this girl. Michael knew that this girl was his sister. He killed almost all the people her sister knew including her foster parents and friends. He was being selfish that he wants his sister to be with only him and no one else so he also kidnapped his sister and took her to their house before. The doctor who checks up on Michael at the asylum knew that Michael would go after his younger sister when he got out so he looked for him. Michael’s sister being kidnapped doesn’t have any clues that Michael was his brother. The doctor chased after Michael and finally shot him. It was uncertain if Michael survived at the end. You would think that he was still alive because at first he was shot several times but it didn’t affect him.


This horror movie showed the power of the gaze. In this movie, Michael was good at sneaking and stalking people. As an audience, you feel scared for the one being gazed at and targeted as a victim of the monster. It just shocks you when you know that someone is following you and suddenly appears. But when Michael was left alone with his younger sister and he showed the picture of Michael holding his sister when she was a child, the sister doesn’t have any clues that it was her and felt that it was the time that Michael was vulnerable so she took advantage of it. Now the gaze turns to the monster and when the monster was gazed upon, the strength of the monster was felt by the one who gazes.


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