It is a very rare sight to see a woman behind the knife, the one who plots the deaths of others for her own enjoyment. Usually the main protagonists in horror movies revolve around the men. Women are commonly casted as supporting roles or victims. It was surely a fresh thing to see and from there one can tell the difference when the woman is the leading character.

                Very often, if not all the time, the male protagonists – rather antagonists – in horror films are depicted as violent, aggressive, arrogant, and manly.  Meanwhile, as seen in May, May was first seen as quiet, soft spoken, innocent, and adorable. These women ‘antagonists’ are first portrayed as angels who can do harm but when harassed they instantly change becoming into monsters. This was evident in the beginning of the movie. How May the very shy and quiet little girl turned into a decapitating nurse. The similarities between the female and male antagonists are experiences of their past. They typically follow the path of a young kid being bullied by others, experience a very restricting childhood, or possible were made fun of by their parents or family. These portions of their lives bring them to release all the hate and resentment that has been repressed for years, like a balloon being blown until it pops. May, was indeed a very interesting movie. The acting, the story line and the script of the movie is very real to life.  It is actually quite creepy because it is very possible. It could definitely happen in any given occasion. Her desire for perfect can be seen in a number of the human population. Bringing to think, would people go that far to create a perfect world? Or in May’s case a perfect friend? Even if the movie did have show any suspense filled scenes, the thought of there could be someone like May is frightening. It makes me want to hide all my “beautiful” body parts.  I guess that is what it makes to be a good horror film, the audience’s fear of the probability of the movie. How these fictional characters and stories can be seen in our daily lives.


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