To be honest, I have a personal bias for Asian horror movies. I tend to enjoy their concepts and cinematography much more than Hollywood horror movies. In addition, I tend to prefer the Asian versions of films over their American remakes, such as The Grudge or The Ring. Even outside the horror genre, I appreciate the Asian-made movies more than their American counterparts, such as the romantic movie My Sassy Girl. I think that I have this personal bias firstly because I can relate to Asian culture more than American culture and secondly because I become much more terrified and even traumatized by the characters and scenes in Asian horror movies.
Even though the statement above seems quite masochistic, it only means that I like horror movies simply because they are terrifying, so the scarier the movie the better. Voice, as mentioned in class before, is part of a series of Korean horror movies with similar plots and settings. I have watched another movie that is also part of the series, specifically, Wishing Stairs. The two movies were quite similar in the sense that both were about a pair of female high school best friends who end up competing with or for each other. Despite the fact that the plot was not original and the horror scenes were quite predictable, Voice was still an enjoyable horror movie.
I liked it first and foremost for its typicality. Because the entire movie was almost predictable, I was able to detect most of the “horror” or “surprise” moments. Because of this, it built up the suspense and I ended up being scared because I opened myself to the scenes. What I am trying to say is that its predictability contributed to its success as a horror movie. This thought probably makes more sense when taken in the context of classical horror movies, such that their plots are almost identical. In my opinion, about 50% or more of horror movies revolve around characters going into a situation in which they know nothing about and then there are latent supernatural events wherein the characters become collateral damage. However, I think that most horror movies have similar plots precisely because those kinds of stories are successful in bringing horror to their audience.
Second, I enjoyed Voice because of despite it not being original, it still managed to have unique plot twists or original character concepts. For example, I liked the fact that it dared to portray the loving but somewhat possessive and even slightly homosexual relationship that is seen in all-girl high schools. Furthermore, it was fascinating to find out that the ghost was actually an student who was also significantly connected and even obsessed with the music teacher. These are the kinds of situations that make Asian films unique and, for me, successful horror movies.


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