When Darkness Fell, He Arrived

Halloween is about a boy named Michael Myers who grew up in a dysfunctional family with an alcoholic father, a stripper mother, a rebellious older sister, and a baby sister. He spent his childhood mostly alone, spending most of his after-class hours getting bullied. All of this triggered his strange mentality about life and death. One Halloween night, everything changes as he murders his father, sister, and her boyfriend in their own home while their mother was working. He was then brought to a correction institute where a doctor/investigator named Dr. Samuel tried to penetrate the mind of the killer and alter his psychological discordance. While in the institution, his mother commits suicide, thus adding up to the compiled issues that Michael had to digest. He grows up to be much bigger and stronger and much quieter at the same time. He was able to escape as some maintenance staff were fooling around in his room. He then goes back to his hometown and stalks his younger sister just to find out that she didn’t want to accept him as a brother. After failing to keep ties with his sister, he goes back to his old self and tries to kill his sister as well.

As bizarre as it may sound, serial killers were very apparent in America that a lot of horror movies derive from real lives of such deviants. Most of their killings are results of childhood trauma, maybe from bullying or sexual abuse. In this movie, it is a mix of both bullying and filial problems that had caused Michael to act and think like he did when he turned into the Halloween killer. Though, I believe that his conscience was not completely blinded for he was still able to try to reconcile with his sister, even if everything ended up so badly. I found out from a documentary that you’d know if a killer has no conscience at all if you see no guilt or even any feeling of regret in his eyes. With Michael, I thought he has turned into a complete psycho when he brutally killed the janitor who treated him as his own son, but I felt that he still had a bit of feeling towards the notion of family when he was finally reunited with his sister.

I understand where Laurie is coming from when she decided to reject Michael’s invitation. Most obvious reason is she was too startled by the suddenness of everything. Another reason might be that she didn’t quite understand how this person who killed everyone that she loved is so eager for her to accept him.

I thought the movie was okay. It was entertaining and kind of heartbreaking. I adore the little boy’s acting skills. The documenting part of the changes he underwent in the institution gave me the creeps. There are parts I disliked, such as how Michael easily gets out of the institution because of unprofessional staff. It would be such an obvious management decision to maintain a good labor pool in such institutions. Of course, the scene where they just left the body in the pool without even double checking if he’s really dead is just a classic sign that someone’s going to get killed. I also didn’t like how Laurie tried to hide inside the house instead of running in the streets. It was a small house, and again, it’s just too obvious. It was an okay film for me. But I guess it takes the fun out of everything when you start to analyze a slasher film.


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