You Can’t Snap Out Of It

Ginger Snaps is a teen horror movie involving sisters Brigitte and Ginger who have made and devoted themselves into a pact about dying together. The town they lived in was roamed by a dog killer, who happens to be the werewolf that bites Ginger on the night of a full moon where she gets her first period. This changed Ginger’s physical body and character. Noticing the drastic changes her sister had undergone, Brigitte ties to find a cure with Sam, a local doper. This film reflects the coming-of-age of a female teenager and how it dramatically affects everyone around her.

I found Ginger Snaps very entertaining. The feminist in me just loves it so much. First of all, it is not so common that the male species is the victim in a horror film. In this movie, we can see Ginger being able to manipulate the minds of teenage boys and attacking them at the end of it all. If we can compare it to a more modern movie, Teeth somehow shows this kind of woman power. Second, it explores the transition from childhood to womanhood as the werewolf transformation metaphorically mirrors Ginger’s menstruation. The last scene was very bloody, which might depict the blood present in menstruation. That was a lot of blood, thus the significant change in Ginger’s character. It is true that women tend to act like “werewolves” – very aggressive and ill-tempered – during that time of the month. We can also see how Ginger finds it hard to accept what she was going through, that she just pushes herself to be normal when she can’t just escape. It is not always that horror films goes into this concept. It’s very refreshing to know that you can still find movies that use symbolism in the 21st century. Third, I absolutely loved the main characters, the actors were able to portray the roles convincingly. The chemistry between the two is just remarkable. This take on the werewolf film is very unique in those criteria.

I kind of relate to the movie in the sense that I, too, went through this phase in life. I didn’t turn into a werewolf per se, but the changes that occurred in Ginger’s life occurred to mine as well. As I grew up, I became distant to my family, because I believe I had so many things to explore in the world on my own. Realizing it now, it must have been so hard for my parents to go through something like that. In the movie, their mother might seem too dumb for her own sake, but she was completely unaware of what’s happening because her daughters were so secretive and ungrateful. It is in Brigitte and Ginger’s will that they be secluded from the usual lifestyle of a family. Having a younger sister who is starting to go through changes as well, I fear that I might feel the same way as mothers do when their daughter goes into womanhood. This relevance to reality added to the success of the movie. It’s not always that you find a werewolf movie to be more relevant than scary. I loved the movie because of the intelligence of the script, and not dominantly as a horror movie.



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