I must admit, I found it very difficult to watch Grace. I enjoy horror films and I have seen some of the most messed up films out there, but Grace is something else. Of course, it doesn’t quite match up to A Serbian Film or Human Centipede, but I think what’s truly disturbing about Grace is that it doesn’t peg itself as a truly absurd film. You can say that Human Centipede and A Serbian Film have gone so far that the actions of the characters can’t be justified anymore. For me, Grace is a little different because you still feel the characters’ need to revert back to simpler, more normal times by rejecting reality for what it really is. I think that that is what is most terrifying in Grace, the inability of its characters to accept loss and tragedy and the inability to move on. I think that it can serve as a reflection for every human being who has reached their breaking point. when all they wanted was to fulfill their dreams and get what they want.

For me, despite a horror film viewing as one that instills a  lot of feelings of anxiety, anticipation, terror, and getting your beliefs and worldview a little shaken up, it is still enjoyable in the end. If it’s a particularly good horror film, i find myself smiling at just how well the director executed the representation of the weird and terrible things that could possibly exist in this world. However with Grace, I truly found myself wishing to maybe never see this film again. The experience felt similar to watching a documentary on a terrible event. It’s informative and it incites many heavy emotions, but I don’t think I want to see it ever again. It carries a heaviness found only in the most terrible of things, the human person driven to doing absolutely terrible things out of loneliness and desperation. I think the film says a lot more about the human condition than it expected to, or maybe i’m looking into it too much.

I do believe that the film works fantastically as a psychological horror film. It really digs deep and taps into what could happen when a woman who so desperately wants to be a mother finds the one opportunity to reach her goal, only to find it taken away prematurely. It is almost as if she wills the baby to life and now that it is a live, she wont ever EVER let go. No matter what. And it is this messed up kind of determination and inability to let go of what is obviously wrong, what is obviously not right, that is I think the very essence of the film.

Even the mother-in-law, who has so much love for her soon, reaches a point where what she wants goes past what is normal and right anymore, and we are treated to a very disturbing scene of “old-people-sex”. No offense to old people,    but I was really bothered to see that.

Grace was a filmy that was already gory and bloody enough, it didn’t help that it rode on some of the most unsettling psychological problems a woman can have.


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