Halloween: Revenge

“Halloween” is a horror film which tells the story of a boy named Michael Myers, who grew up to be a dangerous man and who escaped from a mental institution after several years of being admitted to find his sister. Even though I have already watched the film in the past, I still enjoyed watching it and giving it a second go. Initially, I thought that it was based on a true story since from what I have read, a boy who had suicidal and homicidal thoughts recently slaughtered his own family, which made me thought that the story could have really happened. What made the movie original and unlike any other slasher film I have watched is that its plot had a flow and the story started as if it told Michael’s life story. I also really liked the fact that the movie began with a quote from Dr. Samuel Loomis book stating that “The darkest souls are not those which choose to exist within the hell of the abyss, but those which choose to break free from the abyss and move silently among us.”

As a child, Michael Myers was bullied in school and being psychologically unstable, he murdered one of the bullies. While his mother was working as a stripper in a bar, he also killed his mother’s boyfriend, his sister Judith and Judith’s boyfriend successively. After his trial, he was immediately taken to a mental institution and taken care of his psychologist Dr. Samuel Loomis. As soon as Michael became obsessed with his paper masks and killed one of the nurses in the ward, his mother eventually gave up and committed suicide. With this, he continued making masks and refused to speak to anyone. Dr. Loomis also gave up and subsequently, Michael killed the employees in the sanitarium before escaping and returning to his old home. The second part of the film focuses on Michael’s younger sister Laurie whom he did not kill when she was a baby. Michael observed Laurie and her friends and he also killed them one by one together with Laurie’s parents. Dr. Loomis heard of Michael’s escape so he went to Laurie’s home and searched for him. Soon after, Michael kidnapped Laurie to try to tell her that he is her brother. Since Laurie could not understand, Michael chased her until Dr. Loomis arrived, but he was also killed. The film ended with Laurie firing multiple shots at Michael until it went off and as Michael held her hand.

Unlike the other films, for a change, the monster depicted in Halloween was Michael, a man.  As discussed in class, Michael was characterized by his mask and he wore this not just to hide his face but to close himself from the world. Growing up as a psychopath, he probably believed that the world should be blamed for everything that has happened to him as a child especially the bullying. I also noticed throughout the film that the women who were shown to be naked can be considered the victims or objects of Michael’s gaze. They not only represented fear and suffered at the hands of a man but they were stripped off their sexuality leading to their subjugation and helplessness. I believe that ambiguity and ambivalence were important factors that made up the horror film since there were still some unanswered questions at the end of the film such as what Michael really wanted with Laurie. In conclusion, a valuable lesson that can be picked up from the movie is that in life, hurting the people around us will do no good and revenge is definitely not the way to go.


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