May: Obsession and Envy

“May” is a horror film about a socially awkward woman who suffered a lazy eye and had no friends but her doll named Suzie which her mother made. To be really honest, I absolutely hated it since I was extremely bored out watching more than half or majority of the movie. In my opinion, this was easily one of the worst films I have seen in a while and I can compare it to “Grace”, which was equally as bad and strange. I could not comprehend why such a movie was even directed and placed under the horror genre. I think that “May”, which showed the consequences of being a weird social outcast, should appropriately be categorized as a drama. Never did I also imagine that someone like May, who becomes overly obsessed with a specific body part of another person once she notices it, would even exist in our world. Nevertheless, the final few moments of the film really caught my attention because of how disgusting and gross the scenes turned out to be. 

May was introduced as a lonely woman who did not have an enjoyable childhood due to her lazy eye. She worked at a veterinary hospital and specialized in surgeries. In her attempt to make friends, she met Adam and she immediately liked him because of his arms. Moreover, her colleague Polly also flirted with her and she became attached to her neck. After several encounters with May, Adam gradually avoided her after being disturbed by her odd personality. He realized that he felt the awkwardness in all of May’s peculiar actions and their bizarre conversations together. One day, May overheard Adam that he felt relieved that she was gone and in line with this, she also encountered Polly with another woman. Hence, she became angry and hopeless that no one cared for her. Additionally, she realized that she could not consider all the people she met as her friends. She also felt that no one is really perfect as a whole, believing that a perfect friend should only be composed of the perfect parts of people. In effect, May eventually designed her own life-sized doll friend Amy by obtaining the various parts of the body she thought were perfect from the people she once considered her friends.

In the movie, May felt envious that the people she knew all had a special someone in their lives. As a result, the worst and weirdest part of the film occurred when the tagline “If you can’t find a friend, make one”, was literally lived out. The character of May properly depicted how a woman’s gaze can lead to her own victimization. Her awkward attitude towards others by obsessively looking at their particular body parts led her to be punished in such a way that she had no friends to run to. As she also met Adam, her curiosity and desire were both transformed into masochistic fantasy, which represented her as a social outcast. Undeniably, May turned out to have a miserable and abject life leading to her emergence as a violent and monstrous feminine figure. In the end, the film wants to leave its audience with the important message that both obsession and envy have their indisputable social consequences.


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