The Perfect Friend

The film “May” revolves around the story of a lonely woman who is in search of a perfect friend. The story begins by introducing to us a little girl who did not have friends due to her lazy eye. Her mother made her a doll and says to her that if she could not find a friend, then she should make one. The doll, to me, was really creepy. Throughout the entire film, I thought that the doll would move and start killing people who refuses to be May’s friend. The film was pretty funny at the beginning. May is shown to be an awkward person and a stalker. The scene wherein she crosses the road just to pass by Adam is an example of how her awkwardness made the film a bit funny. The film progression also appeared to be very slow. I thought that at the scene wherein she bites Adam on the lips after watching an odd film would signify the beginning of the slaughter. As it turns out, she just goes home and shouts at her doll. She also soon discovers that Polly was with another girl, which enrages her. She kills the cat, but still, she is not yet killing people. Later on, she brings her doll Suzy to the school for blind children. The children try to touch the doll, resulting to the doll falling down on the floor. At that moment, I thought that she would go berserk and kill all the children since they broke the doll, but she just returns home and cries. She later on meets Blank who would eventually call her a freak after discovering the dead cat in May’s freezer. This time, May finally snaps and kills Blank. She also says that no one is perfect and that people only have some perfect parts. At this point, she has decided to create her own perfect friend using only perfect parts from other people. The way she kills people seemed very straightforward. She walks up to a person’s house, tells the person that they have a nice body part, and then stabs the person without any struggle. There were no surprises, meaning that there weren’t really any scary moments in the film. May, now with all the body parts she wants, creates Amy. The doll looked really creepy since it was made up of stitched up body parts. For some reason, May begins to cry and says that the Amy can’t see her. She takes her right eye and puts it on Amy. The scene was very disturbing since I am not a big fan of scenes involving the eye. Up to this point, the film appeared to me as something pretty realistic; a psychologically unstable person suddenly going on a rampage after being pushed to the limit. At the end of the film, Amy suddenly moves and touches May. This scene, to me, was unnecessary. I did not know what it meant and what the purpose is. Overall, I did not like the film but I did not hate it either. The main reason why I did not like it is that it did not have the “on the edge of your seat” factor. It did not appear to be really scary but the story was interesting enough.


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