Thoughts about Rob Zombie’s “Halloween”

Rob Zombie’s “Halloween” is an interesting slasher film since it showcases an extensive study of its monster, Michael Myers. This movie is horrifying in the psychological sense that it opens us up to a world where there can be potential killers who are so oddly different, so mentally ill, that they couldn’t be saved once they snap. Michael was closed off for too long that Dr. Loomis eventually gave up on him.

Relating the movie to Carol Clover’s “Her Body, Himself: Gender in the Slasher Film”, we have a killer who was heavily influenced by a bad family and environment. Michael grew up having an abusive and alcoholic step-father, an ignorant and deviant sister, and a mother who is caring but is not exactly a role model of sorts. On top of that, he was bullied and marginalized in school. Most importantly, he wasn’t given any guidance since he was left alone most of the time. This made him consider torture and revenge as a normal thing to do. This is what makes him different from other horror film killers like Norman Bates or Jason Vorhees. He acts by himself and he’s under no psychosexual grip. We never get to have an inkling as to why he did this or that. He felt so strong and free that he probably did whatever it is he did just for the heck of it. Laurie, Michael’s younger sister, is the Final Girl of the movie. She was initially a feminine character but when her friends and family were killed off one-by-one and she was left to fend for herself, she eventually turned into a masculine character, and in this movie we never get to know whether she actually defeats Michael or loses to him. *SPOILER AHEAD* In Halloween II we eventually know that she eventually kills Michael but she turns into a deranged killer herself.

Honestly, I couldn’t cheer for either Laurie or Michael in the movie. Maybe in the early parts when Michael was still a kid I could relate to him, but then everything got out of hand for him and he was portrayed to be so distant that I couldn’t care less what he does next. Same goes for Laurie. The characters felt so distant, and my reaction to that bothers me sometimes. I couldn’t care less for Laurie, should I? All I wanted was for the story to uncover more and that’s it. It’s just a movie anyway. Should we bother about staged deaths? Anyway, this is a horror film that explores the human psyche, and it shows us that much of the human psyche is unknown, making it worthy to be feared. For one, there are serial killers like Michael in real life. We do not know what makes them tick. We do not know when and where they will strike, and the scariest part about it is that real life serial killers can act so inconspicuously normal that it could be too late for anyone to discover their true nature.


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