Let the Right One In

I have never been a big fan of the combination of vampires and romance after seeing Twilight. Because of Twilight, I immediately think that a film containing vampires and relationships would be something very cheesy and romantic. Upon learning that we would be watching the film “Let the Right One In”, a film that involves vampires and love, I was a bit disappointed as I thought that it would be something similar to Twilight. The film was quite different, as still retained the idea that vampires drink human blood. There were scenes showing Eli and Hakan hunting for human victims. Vampires here were portrayed as something scary, as creatures that kill other people, as opposed to Vampires in Twilight who are portrayed as creatures who do not want to harm other people. Aside from this, I also found it interesting how Eli is shown to be both caring and ruthless at the same time. It shows that these bloodthirsty creatures are still capable of affection. At the start of the film, we are shown how Oskar is regularly bullied by his classmates. He can do nothing against them except for plotting his revenge against them. Oskar meets Eli, and after a while, the two form a relationship. In this film, the monster and a human being have a relationship wherein they work together rather than fight each other. They were shown to save each other from harm or even death. When Oskar was being drowned in the pool, Eli killed the bullies. When Lacke was about to kill Eli, Oskar intervened and as a results wakes Eli up. Because of this, Eli was able to kill Lacke. In general, I really liked the film since it is a good romantic horror film. It was nothing like Twilight, which just removed the entire horror factor from vampires. “Let the Right One In” maintained the common notion of the vampire to be bloodthirsty killers while at the same time, gives the vampires a more humane nature, which is to love. It changed my perception on films containing vampires and romance. In this film, there was a scene that I particularly did not understand. It was the scene wherein Eli was shown to have a scar in her genital area. In the earlier part of the film, Eli mentions that she is not a girl. After seeing that scene, I was wondering if Eli was actually a boy who was castrated. In their relationship, Eli was actually the one who acted like the male. She was the one who was strong and dominant. Oskar acted as if he was the female since he was the one who needed protection. He was shown to be weak and powerless against other people.



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