May be perfect.

May is a very peculiar film. Like the movie Halloween, this movie also stars a very mentally unstable person. However, this time it’s a girl and her name, as the title hints, is May. In the movie, May was born with a lazy eye since she was little and had to deal with all sorts of unfavorable circumstances because of the unlucky bodily distortion. This most likely led to her very lonesome predicament as she grew up. Also, another thing to mention about the movie is May’s creepy doll which was given to her by her mom on her birthday when she was still young.

Initially, knowing that we were watching a horror movie, the creepy doll was a very good addition to the scenes since it was too creepy and that it fit quite perfectly as a horrific figure. In hindsight, the normal viewer would expect that this doll is going to be the source of all the horrific moments in the film and that there’s going to be some supernatural phenomenon that’s going to happen that would make the doll move on its own and starts killing people. Also, this doll is always inside its box ever since it was given; and all throughout the movie, it had scenes that it would seem that the doll want to escape. However, expectations were ruined as the doll was just a doll and that in climax of the movie; May was the one to be looked out for as she became the cold blooded killer normal viewers would have thought the doll would be.

Referring to Carol J. Clover’s “Her Body, Himself: Gender in the Slasher Film”, female characters in horror movies usually portray as a helpless frail character who gets to be the last one standing among all her companions in the movie; this presents that in some cases in horror films, it’s not always that female characters are feminine but can also be masculine. Also, in a sense, in some cases as well, there is this change of roles – from someone who is weak and fragile turns out to be stronger than everyone else. In this movie, it presents an extent to the statement. May, being the weak, inexperienced, and highly sensitive girl in the movie, changed into a strong willed, cold-hearted killer in order for her to get what she wants.

There were a lot to think about what was happening in the movie. One instance is the shattering of the glass box where the doll was kept in. Looking at it metaphorically, instead of just looking at what was happening to the doll in the glass, we look at what was happening to May when the glass was shattering. It is possible to say that the shattering glass was not the glass box shattering but May’s sanity. This is possible since the movie presented that the glass box was never really as shattered as it had presented in previous frames.

May presents not only the horror that can be seen in slasher films but also it presents the kind of horror a person may enter once that person goes insane due to unfavorable circumstances in his or her life.


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