MAYbe this time its a girl

How far would we go and what would we give to feel loved and connected? This is one of the questions which popped in my mind after watching May. Mutilated limbs, ears, legs, hands and eyes aside, it is ultimately a sad morbid story of one young misunderstood girl seeking to establish long-lasting relationships primarily because of her weird personality and lack of any well-established social skills. Long periods of isolation and loneliness can definitely drive a person into madnesss. The closest to a meaningful conversation that May had shared was with her doll, her only friend since childhood whom she can never even touch because of the glass case. I thought that the film also mirrors Halloween in some point that it shows how the killer, through interactions and relationships with the wrong people, mixed with their own internal psychopathic tendencies and obsessions, is slowly pushed to the verge of killing, finally committing one, and going through a series of murders.

It is also interesting to note that May is one of the few, if not, the only female villain serial killer in all of the movies we have watched so far in class. Usually, we are accustomed to more masculine killing machines. (e.g. Michael Myers) The female is usually reserved a place in horror as a screaming, almost helpless protagonist with whom the male audience can still relate to. That way, they can attribute their fears to said protagonist without endangering the masculine outlook by casting a male. Thus, it is interesting to see a woman in a villain’s role as opposed to being the usual typecast protagonist.

Furthermore, one can take notice that May as a woman, adds a vulnerability that casting a male in the movie cannot provide. Women tend to seek more company as opposed to men, who occasionally have more solitary tendencies. As such, the movie cannot be more effective if say, a male is casted to fit into the story. And if such case is possible, the results would be entirely different.


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