Ridiculously Scary Zombie

There is something about Pontypool that makes it almost unbearable to watch for the first half of the movie due to a single plot twist near the middle. At first, we all thought that this was another zombie movie which leans more on the drama side of things rather than the action or horrific images of zombies. When it was revealed that the infectious zombie disease was not spread through the traditional, yet effective method of bites, but by simply saying an infected word, a small part of me instantly deflated of all tension, and thrill. The movie built up so much pressure and when the twist revealed that by saying an “infected” word, you somehow become a zombie, all sense of horror was dispelled as I thought that the rest of the movie will become a comedy.
It just seemed so ridiculous that by saying an infected word, you become a mindless zombie. It was even more ridiculous than the movie “The Happening” released in 2008, which is basically a movie about how plants took revenge on humanity by releasing toxins in the air which somehow make a human kill itself. It was all so ridiculous to even consider, genocidal plants, infectious words that turn you into zombies, all of it
However, when I stop to consider about it and I mean really consider about it, isn’t the whole “zombie bites human, human become zombie” thing ridiculous as well? How could an ordinary virus, turn a dead body into a walking, feeding machine, making it immune to pain and any sense of self-preservation? Isn’t it as ridiculous as infected words?
The thing is, fear is arbitrary for a lot of people. However, there is one kind of fear that I think is universal, the fear of the unknown. If the events of Pontypool actually became reality, right now, isn’t that enough to start your “Oh My God Imma Die” Alarm in conjunction with your “This can’t be Happening Alarm”?
We all express ourselves by using a form of language, and the language of speech is the most easiest and frequently used form in the world. Say one day a horrific event occurs and one cannot speak for fear initiating the infection process through a random word. Pontypool displayed exactly what happens in that event, panic will overcome any other emotion making one more prone to infection. The virus or whatever that is, was even more scarier than imagined for it also infects through understanding the word. If a command was given to you, “Do not think about the word Kill”, of course the word Kill will eventually pop up into your mind. The human mind is so complex that it doesn’t work like you want it to. And if a certain mysterious and unknown virus somehow targets and exploits this weakness directly, isn’t that more dangerous and terrifying than a werewolf, or even a vampire. Those things you can fight against, but the virus which targets thought? Difficult. Extremely so. Pontypool, taken to a deeper level, is truly a terrifying movie that explores how the human mind can deal with something that it does not know to defend against and the movie does it beautifully.


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