Pontypool Pontypool Pontypool Pontypool Pontypool

Pontypool is probably the weirdest by far of any movie genre I have even experienced in the entire life. I know horror films tend to be weird and unexplainable sometimes but this particular horror film is unbelievably weird. I say unbelievably because never have I ever thought of or even had an idea of a word virus or whatever viral infection that was going on in the movie. Another in these kinds of movies is that I would usually identify how one person gets infected. For example, in some zombie movies, another person would become a zombie when bitten or die with the bite. In vampire movies, one becomes a vampire if one gets bit by a vampire. In werewolf movies, it’s also the same – with the bite. However, in Pontypool, even after watching the whole movie, I still couldn’t precisely understand how people get infected with the word virus. Is there a particular word for each person in the English language that’s infected? Do the words get infected because of other people or are they just infected? The more I look into it, the more I questions I get; and at the end, I was never really able to answer all of the questions in my head.

One more thing to look into about infection movies is that when there is an infection, there should be a cure. In most zombie movies, there really is no cure since the zombies are practically dead and those bitten are bound to die eventually. I don’t there’s a suitable cure for death. For vampire movies, vampires are supposed to be dead by they don’t look like it. In some vampire movies, vampires aren’t dead but are just infected and for that there can be some certain cures like burning themselves alive under the light of the sun but not to the point that they would die. For werewolves, their cure is shear willpower or a silver item that they should hold to prevent themselves from turning into werewolves. In Pontypool, the cure the movie presented for the infections the movie had was to not understand the true meaning of the infected word which I find to be rather difficult since it’s rather impossible to not understand what you have already understood. This unless you were wrong about the meaning of the word; but then, if your meaning of the word was already wrong, then you wouldn’t get infected in the first place since it was presented in the movie that you can only get infected when you understand the infected words.

At the end of the movie, Pontypool was bombed and supposedly, the entire place should have been obliterated. However, our two heroes from the radio station lived which I found weird.

Entirely, the movie was new, weird, mysterious, and puzzling. The movie was also very innovative in the mere fact of the idea of the word virus. The most horrifying thing about the movie is the fact that we as the audience can never really grasp what really happened in that place.


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