Let the Right One In, Let the Left One Out :)

Let the Right One In is one horror movie that probably has one of the most adorable love stories I’ve seen if the circumstances were of a rather normal setting. With my first look at the movie, I just found it as a love story between a vampire and some kid. If it were just about that, it would have been a supremely adorable movie since the moments they had in the movie can be categorized in the Filipino definition of “kilig” moments during that time span two loves would have with each other. However, Let the Right One In, didn’t have that kind of “normal” setting. The movie’s setting for the two had so many restrictions that would categorize their predicament farther and farther from what we would like to call normal. This abnormality in their relationship is what makes their relationship incredibly terrifying and what makes the movie also as terrifying.

Numerous things that made it terrifying were not because of the boy but because of the vampire. In a normal relationship, there should be one male and one female. In this movie, the relationship was with two males. It’s not like it’s not usual in contemporary times but in this movie, it’s scary because the supposed girl in the relationship who is really a guy, looks like a real girl. Another thing in a normal relationship is that the age gap between the two involved should be close to each other, at most probably is ten years but that’s rather close to crossing the line. In this movie, the two supposedly are of the same age, which is 12; but that’s not the real case since the vampire has been 12 for a very long time as said in the movie which makes him a whole lot older that the real 12 year old boy.  It was seen that the vampire was really old in one part of the movie where a snapshot of her old self was seen; and the vampire already had wrinkles. An estimation of their age gap would probably exceed 40 years. That vampire could very well be the boy’s grandparent at that age and knowing that they have a certain kind of relationship is rather creepy and give one that certain scary tingly feeling along the spine.

Another creepy thing about the movie is the vampire’s “guardian”. This guardian is rather old and would makes sense that he could be the vampire’s first lover. If this is true, then the vampire indeed is very sinister for doing that to someone. If there were indeed lovers, why not turn him into a vampire as well so that they could live together forever. That would probably the best way to it if there were indeed lovers. However, through some reading on other reviews on the movie and it turns out, the vampire’s guardian is a pedophile. Because of this, the vampire still has that benefit of a doubt of being a good vampire.

At the end of the movie, the vampire and boy went off to unknown places to get away from the city to probably get away from trouble and set a new life for themselves. There are two things I could think of that may happen. If the vampire is indeed sinister, then the boy would grow old and probably become just a guardian to the girl like the first one was and this would make my first assumption that the first guardian was indeed the vampires previous lover; or the boy would turn into a vampire which would make a better predicament in my opinion and thus proving that the vampire isn’t as bad as she would be aside from being a killing machine.


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