Do not Let Obaa-san In

This was something different. For once, we do not get to watch a horror movie, but we do get to watch a supernatural romance movie. It starts off with the story of a young boy meeting a young girl and they start off a romantic yet innocent love story. He likes her, she likes him, boom perfect couple. However, if we go and look deeper into the sweet story of Let The Right One In, we see a much darker side and find that Eli, the sweet vampire girl, is as sinister as the creature she is.
What? No way. Eli can’t be… evil? This may come as a surprise to most, but personally I believe that Eli is a manipulative vampire with the knack of making love-slave boys. Why do I say this? Well, we only need to look at her friend, the old man. If we look at how Eli treats her familiar, she basically owns him. She commands him to get her needed food and to do that, the old man kills innocent people to harvest blood. When he fails, Eli gets enraged and is forced to kill people. However, this gets risky because when Eli kills, she turns into a predator with little to no care for her surroundings, and is thus susceptible to discovery and eventually be exposed for what she is. To sum it all up,  she practically needs a familiar to do the dirty work in order to survive through the centuries. So in order to do that, she must have a perfectly loyal familiar and what better way than to make the slave in love with her. In the past, the old man may very well have been another Oscar and fell in love with Eli. However, as time passed by, the romantic love may have waned and turned into something else, an unwavering protective love which the old man held until the very end. On the night he went out to harvest blood, he was faced with the situation which will surely lead to his arrest. Since he loved Eli still, he chose the only option which will effectively bring all suspicions away from Eli and poured acid to his face which made him unrecognizable as the old man who lives in an apartment with Eli. In the hospital, in his last act of love, he chose to die and cut all strings of investigation which will lead to Eli. Eli, without her vanguard, her familiar which she absolutely needs in a world where in the day, is now extremely vulnerable. But woe behold, as if decided by fate, she meets Oskar. Having been constantly bullied and living a lonely childhood, he almost instantly grew fond of Eli and is in return, responded in kind. Oskar may very well be the next familiar in the long list of Eli’s partners per say. The film also portrays Oskar having a possible inclination to murder which shows that he has the potential to become exactly like the old man. Oskar is happy to be with Eli and Eli is happy to be with a new familiar.

This isn’t to say that Eli is a manipulative and heart-collecting vampire. In fact, she is a good person, with a a conscience. She shows just how much she dislikes living as a vampire in her distaste of having to murder time and time again. However, she is also just like any other living person in how she also values her life. She may have been truly in love with her familiars at some point, which I can say is true with Oscar. It is just that, in the long run, give or take a few decades, Oscar will undoubtedly become the Old man who will just as well offer his life in order to protect Eli. Let the Right One In is indeed a sweet romantic horror story, but the amplification indicate how profoundly disheartening the life of a vampire is in a world where the predators are just as likely to be the prey.


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