Triangle by  Christopher Smith for me is a combination of streams of horror. As the movie progresses I realized that such things can’t happen in real life where more than one of me exist at the same time. It shows that the movie has a fantastic element where the story won’t happen in normal life. But then I also thought that what transpired might just occur in Jess’s mind that made me feel like it the plot is a psychological horror. So what stream does it belongs to?

As I watch the movie it didn’t seem to have a fantastic element at the beginning. All the while I thought that there was another character that would show up and cause the terror to the crew. But in the middle as the mystery unravels I as the loops started to occur It made me think about Jess trying too much to avoid the deaths that occurs.Just like what was said in the ship Aeolus on Sisyphus who cheated death and was punished. The plot goes to show on the domino effect of Jess trying and trying to change something that cannot be change all along. She never accepted the fact that her friends and son would die. It was more on a psychological horror for me because a normal mind would not think that you would exist at the same time yet Jess continued on and made the loop several times.

The movie confused me on where the plot really started. It is not the typical narrative movie since the end of the plot is the movie’s beginning as well. Loop after loop made it more thrilling since its not the typical one time revealing of the mystery. Because of the loops it made me expect more since the puzzle of the plot does not fit yet.

The movie Triangle in my opinion wasn’t able to contain the intensity until the end. Too much of the looping made the later part dragging since in the middle part i knew that it would just repeat itself and all the movie is gonna do is fit the pieces of the puzzle together. Another problem of the movie is the silliness of some of the characters action. from trying to find a person in the ship rather than go to the command room and steer it home to the action scenes that made Jess look cool and strong but it doesn’t seem likely to happen.

In the end the movie was good,  up until now I am not sure on what stream it really is. It could be a combination but yet the cause of fear for me is ambiguous. The movie left a lot of unanswered questions. But the questions made me think of different answers. It made me more curious on how the horror movie should end up. Should it be the type of movie that defines the end or leave it hanging? It is not that perfect for me but it is definitely worth watching!