Let the Right One In


This movie for me is a cute one because of the love story of a young boy and a young girl. In this movie, it somehow reminds me of twilight where there is a love story between a vampire and a human. With this I remember the love story of Edward and Bella. For me this is not really a horror movie where people will get scared. Most of the violence here is because Eli, the vampire girl needs blood to survive. He did infect one person but it did not become a threat to people. The infected girl did not do anything to hurt others or kill other people.

Basically, the story of this movie is about a boy named Oskar who is bullied in school. One day he met a friend named Eli, the vampire whom he became friends with. They fell in love with each other, which is the typical or normal thing to happen in these kinds of movies. Later on Oskar found out the Eli was a vampire and he didn’t leave her and instead stayed with her. This was a cute love story of the very young couple. Towards the end Eli even saved Oskar’s life in protecting him by killing all the bullies that wanted to hurt or even kill Oskar. At the end of the movie they were with each other sitting in the train with Eli hiding from the sun.

For me this movie’s focus is really about the love of the couple. The movie really centered on love and it even made it stronger by using Eli’s powers or supernatural skills to protect her partner. Like what I said earlier, it is really not the typical horror movie where it really threatens or scares people. It was a horror movie because of the violence caused by the vampire but it wasn’t that of a threat because Eli is not really a killer or that strong compared to other monsters in movies. For me this movie “Let the Right One In” is one of the less disturbing or scary movie we watched in class. For me it is like this because the story is really about love and the couple in the movie are just too cute because of there very young age.

All I can say is that I’m glad that this was the last movie we watched and not those, which are very disturbing. It was a good movie to end the semester because it was a very “light” type of horror movie. It is also good for the class to show that there are horror movies which are like these and not just about horrific or violent scenes in it.



This movie is a about a radio reporter with two other girls trying to report to the public what is happening. They received strange news where they were really clueless on what is happening.

For me, this movie is weird because at the start no one can know what is really happening. I was so clueless on what is happening when they got reports of people who were rioting outside the office of Dr. Mendez. They don’t even know what is the cause of this riot. There were also some strange calls from reporters where it was really not clear what is happening because what we only know is that the reporter they talked to were really scared. As the movie progresses, I was really expecting zombie like people who were going to attack the radio station. Honestly I was getting scared because of the camera angle where it shows the entrance of the radio station at the back of the two girls. I was always expecting people to run in and attack them. So the scenes like these are the ones who really made me scared because I was clueless on what is happening and what is the monster/enemy.

Later on, as Dr. Mendez went in the radio station, they figured out on what the infection or virus is. Dr. Mendez found out that the virus was in the human language. It infects certain words and within these words infects certain people. So with this knowledge they spoke in a different language for the other people not to understand and become infected. Towards the end, Dr. Mendez successfully lured all the people away from Mazzy at Sydney and there they disinfected few words like they made “kill” into kiss. This ended the movie and after the credits there was just a weird clip with both of them on it and is black and white.

For me this is just one of the weirdest movie I have ever watched. I just really didn’t expect to be the virus in the human language and the people will become zombie like because of this virus in the language. I am not saying that the movie is bad, for me it is weird but at the same time a very good horror movie because it will really scare people because of the strangeness of the movie and being clueless for most of the part in the movie. This is the type of movie that will really scare you, like what I said earlier I was scared because I didn’t know what the monster looks like or what the enemy really is because the scenes from the movie are just inside that radio station where there are no videos of the riot. I was really expecting the people to attack them and will just pop out at there back.

All I can say is that even if the movie is weird, I really liked it because it was really full of suspense and will really make you think what is happening out there.



This horror movie is different because we can rarely see a female being the killer. In most horror movies, the girls are the victims and the ones who are helpless. It started very light where May had a crush on one of the character in the movie. She was so in love with the boy and followed him to be noticed. One day they met in the laundry and started to talk to each other and May started to smoke because the boy she liked gave her one. This started their friendship and started dating. They went out a few times and became close. But one day May started to become super weird where she bit her date and saying that she was only copying the scene in the movie. After that incident the boy started avoiding May. As May realized this she went to the boy’s house and found out and heard that he was just playing with her and he had another girl in his house. This triggered the evilness of May.

May likes creating dolls and stitching all the body parts together. This started her idea of getting “perfect” body parts from different people to stitch them all up. She started getting body parts from different people. This is where all the bloody parts started. This is just like the other movies like Halloween, dead girl and etc that you just want to stop watching and go out of the room. It is not a type of horror movie where there are monsters or ghosts that will scare you. It is a horror movie because it makes you think that there are people out there who can do those kinds of things like chopping different parts or getting them from different people and create a doll-like person.

After watching this movie I was really disgusted. I felt like throwing up because of the bloody parts. What made it worse is when she got her eyes and placed it to her “real” doll. All I can say is that these kinds of movie are really scary for me, scary in a sense that I can take watching those scenes like cutting people. I rather watch those movies with monsters or ghost like Sinister, Paranormal series and etc. One think I liked about this is that it is different because it was a girl who’s the killer and very different from the typical horror movie where the girl is the victim and always helpless.

Happy Halloween!


In the first few parts of the film we can already see the murders of Michael’s family. He murdered his sister, the boyfriend and stepfather. In the movie we can see how disrespectful those people were. Here we can see that Michael really has a problem and needs medical attention. He does things that a normal person won’t do. Because of this he is placed inside a mental hospital where he committed another crime by killing the nurse. This led to the suicide of his mom because she really didn’t know what to do. Michael’s psychologist even gave up on him. As the movie progresses, Michael got out of the hospital and murdered more people in his hometown. It was full of horrific scenes when he came back to his hometown.

As he returned to Illinois, on the night of Halloween, he wanted to be reunited with his sister. In finding his sister Laurie he murdered a lot of people, couples who were having sex. One by one Michael murdered them and at the end finding Laurie, his sister. He showed his sister the picture when they were young but Laurie got the knife and stab Michael and run away. Towards the end it was full of scenes where Michael was chasing Laurie and at the end they fell down together.

For me I really liked this movie because it really scared me especially when I first watched this a few years ago. But I don’t think that a young boy like Michael can kill or murder a lot of people at his age. For me this is really disturbing, seeing a young boy brutally murdering his family. Of course it is hard to say that a young boy can never kill a person. That is the scary part of the movie; it is saying that anyone can kill a person even with a very young age. In reality we may not know but their can be a lot of Michael Myers out there who can go crazy and murder a lot of people including their family.

All I can say is that this movie is a typical horror movie film where there is one killer and kills almost all the characters in the movie. The only difference is that the killer here started as a young boy unlike the other movies like Friday the 13th and the like. For me, the movie is basically scaring people or saying the anyone can really be a Michael Myer and he/she can be next to you or near you.

The Innkeepers


The immediate impression I got for watching the first few minutes of this film was that I was most likely to be low budgeted. And I turned out to be right. Unlike other horror movies, the film had only a few characters and the setting was always within the confines of the rather small hotel.

The main protagonist of the film was Claire. She works at the Yankee Pedlar Inn along with her co-worker Luke. Both are working the only employees left working as the once famous hotel is going to close. There were very few guests in the hotel. One of those who happen to check in is an actress that Claire adores, Leanne Rease-Jones.

Clair and Luke are very keen with ghost stories and hauntings that they try get excited or even partially scared whenever they think they are experiencing something paranormal. One night, as Claire was taking out the garbage, she hears something. She uses Luke’s ghost-hunting equipment so that she could record any sound or voices. The two then decide to go to the basement so that they can investigate whatever sounds must be coming from it.

Recalling the history of the hotel, a bride hangs herself when her husband leaves her on their honeymoon. And her body was hidden in the secret basement of the hotel.

Clair and Luke experience something creepy that sends Luke to run away, terrified from the hotel. Clair is left alone. She runs to Leanne’s room to ask for help. Leanne who is working on becoming a medium tries to contact the spirit to find out what was happening. She then realizes that it was something bad and tells Clair that they both have to leave. Clair then remembers that there was a guest, an old man, who was living on the third floor of the hotel. She runs up to his room only to find his dead body in the bathroom. Horrified, she runs down and bumps into Luke who has returned – guilty that he had left. Luke goes up to get Leanne so that they can all leave the ghostly place. Clair confronted by an apparition, falls down the stairs and injures her head. Disoriented, she later on finds herself in the basement. Upon meeting the ghost of Madeline O’Malley, she panics and dies of an asthma attack.

The ending of the film was very unexpected for me because I did not think that the main protagonist of the movie – Clair – would die. I often thought of the protagonists to be the ones prevailing at the end of the movie. What I did not like about the movie was that it was very dragging. It took such a long time before the movie got exciting. I had a bit of high expectations for this film because it was showed on 2011, which meant that it was somehow new.

About the characters, I found them to be very odd. The usual reaction one gets when encountering something paranormal is that they would get scared. Clair and Luke, however, even when they were told not to enter the basement still did so because they wanted the thrill of experiencing something extremely paranormal. It was funny though, because why would you try to contact the dead when you’d only be scared afterwards? I think Claire was not very wise. Although she was already foretold, she went against the advice. She did not take any of the matter seriously, she only brought herself to harm. And I guess, being stubborn really does have its consequences.

Rec 2


I liked “rec 2” better than the first movie. For me it was more exciting and scary than the other one. I even downloaded the movie and watched it again. It was nice because it was really a continuation of the first movie and made the story clearer by letting us know what really happened inside the building. It first started with a group of swat officers entering the building without really knowing what is happening inside. They entered the building with a person and found out that he was a priest and that there were zombies or “possessed people” inside. As the movie went on all they were looking for was the blood sample of the girl. The swat officers wanted to go out already but the priest will never give the command to let them out until they finish their job of getting a sample of the girl because it will be the only cure for the infection if it spreads out. At first I was wondering why the priest won’t go out even if their lives are in danger. But when he said something like “what if the virus spread outside of the building, can you shoot your own son?” I changed my mind and it really made me think. As the story went on a lot of them died and they didn’t get to finish their mission. At the end they all died and the devil was still there inside the girl’s body (girl from the first movie).

For me even if they didn’t succeed in their mission it was a great movie. This is one of my favorite movies so far in class. I liked it because I love how the people in the movie changed/adapted to the environment of possessed people. It was like being normal to them. They were not super scared; they really did everything they can to finish their mission of getting the blood sample. Even if they encountered a lot of zombies, it didn’t stop them from going around the building and finding the cure. We can really see how brave the characters were that they risked their own lives just to save others from being infected. But sadly they didn’t succeed.

All I can say is that this movie is really a great sequel for the first movie since it really made it clear on what happened after and what caused the infection. But again at the end we don’t know what happened to the devil and what she did when she got out of the building. There are so many questions that I want to be answered like what did the devil do after she went out? Did she infect a lot of people and made them zombies? What can the government/police do to stop it if it really went out? I hope there is still a part 3 for this and for them to really make an ending that will really finish the job of stopping the devil.



The plot of the story begins with a young student, Young-eon, who is the top singer of an exclusive girls’ school gets murdered. The murder was definitely an unusual one because she gets slit on the throat by a music sheet.

The film is entitled “Voice” perhaps for the main reason that no one else can see or hear Young-eon except for her friend Sun-min who is able to hear her. After Sun-min becomes convinced that it is only Young-eon’s voice that can be heard, the two girls try to discover what really happened.

Young-eon has no clue about who her killer is and does not remember anything about what happened to her. Sun-min makes an assumption that the music teacher might be the killer of Young-eon. Little by little, the mystery of her death unravels as Young-eon gets flashbacks of her life.

Another girl gets involved on the attempt to discover Young-eon’s killer. She is Choh-Ah, a strange and peculiar girl at school with the ability to listen to the dead. Together, they try to resolve the mystery. Sun-Min’s assumption of the teacher becomes erred when the music teacher dies by committing suicide. Choh-Ah tells Sun-Min that ghosts often remember what they want to, and that Young-eon’s memory was likely to be wrong.

Apparently, there is another ghost haunting the school. This perhaps was the killer. The body of Young-eon is found in the elevator – the very same one where a previous student had died before.

Young-eon gets more flashbacks. About her and her mother talking about when she can learn how to drive and a darker flashback of when her mother committed suicide. The movie reveals that it is Young-eon that drove her mother to her death, and the same goes with the music teacher.

This film had a lot of twists in the movie as we were given the impression that Young-eon was the victim in the film when in fact, it becomes the other way around. Everything becomes interestingly twisted. And this, I just have to say, is one of the reasons why I find Asian films to be interesting and very different from Western and Filipino films.

In the end of the film, Young-eon kills Choh-Ah and takes over the body of Sun-Min after being enraged when the two girls who were trying to help her tell her to move on and cross-over. The scene ends with Young-eon, in Sun-Min’s body, walks along side the mother of Sun-Min and Sun-Min crying out voiceless.

All I can say is that even if I didn’t understand what happened to other parts I still love these kinds of horror movie. Asian horror movies are really scary for me and I don’t know why. Whenever I watch Asian horror the mood for me is really scary and that’s what I like about it.

Ginger Snaps!


In the suburb of Bailey Downs lived sisters, Ginger and Brigitte. They were very strange and peculiar sisters with interests in death and the like. They were the odd-balls in in their school. Awkward. Introverted. Late bloomers.

One night, when the sisters go out in search of a dead dog, Ginger starts bleeding. Finally, getting her first period. Their mother would likely be happy about such news of finally hitting puberty after waiting for three years. Ginger suddenly gets attacked by a beast, and tries to drag her into the woods. Brigitte panics and rescues her sister from the mysterious monster. The sisters run away in deep freight not knowing what strange creature has become their attacker. Fortunate for them, the beast gets hit by a van and dies.

Ginger is wounded but somehow they have healed quickly. Brigitte begs her sister to visit the hospital so that they could find out whether there might be something wrong but Ginger refuses because she did not want their mother to find out what had happened.

As a few days passed, Ginger has been going through some strange puberty. She menstruates heavily, hair starts growing from her scars, and a tail grows from her spine.

Truly, after surviving and healing from that beastly attack, Ginger changes. Her hormones go wild and she starts dating boys. She even engages in unprotected sex with some guy in her school.

Brigitte becomes worried about her sister. She tries to warn her and begs her to fix whatever was happening. Brigitte then seeks help from her friend Sam. After discussing that the things happening to Ginger are probably the effects of her attacker, they think that the monster was a werewolf. From then on, Brigitte and Sam try to find a cure that may help Ginger from her transformation.

When Brigitte gets attacked by Jason, the boy Ginger had sex with and who must have been infected as well, she defends herself by using the cure that she and Sam had worked on. Surprisingly is does work as there was a fast change in Jason’s behavior.

With the peculiar changes happening to Ginger, she ends up hurting and killing others. Actually making her beast-like in some way. Ginger was no longer the same. In the process of all the transformations, she was becoming more like a werewolf. Fierce. Deadly. Monstrous.

Towards the end of the movie, her sister was really trying to help here for the cure along with Sam. But it ended up killing Sam and she was accidentally stab by Brigitte at the end of the movie.

For me this movie is okay and makes a great interpretation of puberty among teenagers. I like it how Ginger transformed into a wolf and also transforming as a different person by doing things that are very new to them. We can see that there are really strange changes or very different changes when it comes to puberty. In the end I was just sad that the problem wasn’t solved because they did not show if she was cured or if she change into a better person (if she survived the stab).



The movie “Grace” was about a mother’s undying love for her baby. In a rather twisted sense, that is.

The plot begins with a married couple, Michael and Madeline, who were dying to conceive a child and are successful in doing so. Madeline has been doing well with her pregnancy until she was brought to the hospital due to some pain she felt in her chest. After she is treated, Madeline and Michael travel back home where they encounter an unfortunate event. They get into a car crash, and Madeline loses both her husband and unborn child. Deeply saddened and shocked, she refuses to visit the hospital and have the child taken out. Patricia, her doctor then allows her to carry the child inside her for a while until she becomes ready. After a few weeks, Madeline gives birth with the help of Patricia. Surprisingly, the thought to be dead baby lives. Because of this miraculous event, she named her baby, Grace.

Madeline nurses her baby and tries to ignore all of the strange and unusual happenings. Grace was attracting flies and so Madeline resulted to putting fly-paper around the nursery. Also, a very nasty odor was noticeable and it was in fact the baby that smelled bad. It was also very hard for Madeline to breastfeed because of the wounds she would get on her breast. To cut the story short, Grace is a monstrous baby who feeds on human blood. At the end of the film, Madeline exposes one of her breasts – a huge part of it likely nibbled off by Grace.

I found this movie to be interesting. It was distorted love story between a mother and her monstrous baby. Madeline, just like any mother, proves to show how much she loves and cares for her child. Every mother would be willing to sacrifice and even go through pain just so that she can provide for her children. A mother shows so much love and care that she would always go out of her way just to make her child happy. The only downside of this story was that Madeline’s baby was not normal – her baby was dead.

Somehow, this strongly reminded me of the movie we watched previously in class called, “Dead girl.” A strangely animated DEAD body with no explanation as to why it seems to be moving when it’s in fact dead. This movie “Grace” although having no connection to “Dead girl” may sound like a prequel because personally, I immediately imagined it to be like one.

Again, this was a strange yet interesting movie. It’s definitely not the usual kind of horror movie you’d see often on cinemas or on television. I would recommend people to watch just so they can be exposed to various kinds of horror films besides the usual zombie, and psycho killer kinds.



Last week, the film we watched was entitled “REC”, this was the original of the remake “Quarantine.” This is one of the movies I actually enjoyed in class so far. I’m a huge fan of zombie films. I simply don’t get tired of it.

The movie was in a form of documentary, where there was a newscaster and a cameraman who were trying to make an exclusive story about the life of firemen and how they respond to emergencies. But it ended up as a documentary about what was going on in the building. I liked that it was in a documentary form because it made it more exciting. It made it seemed more realistic because we were seeing through the eyes of the cameraman. This also gave a scare factor to it because unlike the regular movies where as you can sometimes predict what was going to happen because you are able to see the entire picture of events, this documentary-like film gives the audience that element of surprise.

What I liked in this movie was that it gave an answer about why there were zombie-like people in the building. It did not leave me with questions like how or why such things in the movie came to be like in the movies “Land of The Dead”, “Dawn of The Dead”, and the like. The plot of the movie begins with some infectious disease that most likely infected those who lived in the building. This was the result of a scientist’s experiment gone wrong. As the disease began to spread through out the building, officials begin locking the building leaving many tenants inside, as they were afraid that the disease would spread further.

The main part of the movie started in the building where the fire department responded. The building looks abandoned and dark. As they entered the room they found an old woman who acted weird and attacked one of them. Later on the newscaster, cameraman and the tenants were locked in and could not find a way out. They tried finding ways to go out but the building was really secured and no one was allowed to go out. More and more people were infected resulting to more people becoming zombies. The people who were not infected were just running around the building finding places where they can hide to avoid zombies. At the end it was just the cameraman and the news reporter who were not infected. They found a place where they saw things and learned how the virus started. But at the end both of them were attacked by the “zombie-scientist’’ in the attic and both of them died.

I found the movie to be very startling because there are many scenes where you would simply jump up from your seat. The camera angles of this movie was really good because it often makes you tense up as you expect zombies to suddenly show up and attack from nowhere. It can be so unpredictable that sometimes you would just want to close your eyes hoping to reach a scene where there weren’t any scary parts that would give you a mini heart attack.

All I can say is that I really like these kinds of movies where viewers really get scared and really scream because of the scenes happening. This is a type of movie that has a very simple plot and set but very effective in scaring people.