No vampire drama


I have fun watching the movie Let the right one in. Even though the story line seems to be predictable the movie somewhat seemed interesting to me due to the elements used in the movie such as the characters and the setting of the movie.

                I like how the movie used the characters to have a different perspective of the audience on a typical story line. For me the story line is typical because it is somehow similar to the movie Twilight where a vampire and a woman fall in love with each other. But looking at the movie Twilight, it gives its audience a feeling of being a romantic or “cheesiness”. The movie disrupts the terrifying characteristic of a vampire, and gives a new idea to the audience that vampires have human characteristics; thus, removing the element of horror in the movie. On the other hand, even though the movie Let the right one in involves love between the boy and the vampire, Oskar and Eli, it did not changed anything on how dangerous the vampire can be. The movie removed the idea in which “Love conquers all” for that the girl will still be a vampire no matter what. She will eat other people when she gets hungry, or might even eat Oskar if there is nothing to eat. In doing this character build, even though the movie has a similar storyline with Twilight it did not end up looking as a romantic movie but it still is a horror movie.

Another thing that was helpful in giving a horrifying effect to the movie is the setting. The setting of the movie was a town covered with snow, making the surrounding dark. Moreover, the town has areas where there are no people, just trees and pure snow.  By having this kind of environment, it seems to give an impression of loneliness and sadness. By doing this, the audience becomes more vulnerable to the situation; thus, it makes it easier to affect the audience in scaring them.

The idea that stuck into my mind while watching the movie was about something that Eli has said to Oskar.  She said that she kills people because she needs too to be able to sustain her life. While on the other hand, man does not need to kill other people because there is no reason to. At that point of the movie, I realized how humans are far more dangerous compared to the monsters that we think of such as vampires, zombies, and the like.

Overall, I recommend this movie because even though this movie has a typical horror movie monster in the form of a vampire, there is a twist which separates the movie in becoming a cliché.   



                I did not enjoy much watching the movie Pontypool.  For me, I think the plot seems to be okay in terms of the movement of the story. It follows the normal trend of the plot in which there is a rising action, climax and the falling action. It does not follow other movies in which there are numerous plots in the whole movie like of the Japanese horror movies. In doing this, the climax was given much emphasis. But having this kind of plot, what happened was that the movie seemed to be slow because of a lot of talking and with that I was bored in many parts of the movie. Moreover, I was hoping that the radio workers will be attacked by the infected people but with no avail. 

However I think for me it can still be considered as a part of the horror genre because it tackles the concept of the unknown. There is a sudden spread of a disease in which it manifests “zombie” like behavior. It is very interesting on how the movie created a new kind of way of spreading the disease, it was through words. Through using and understanding those words, an individual can be infected. This is a very unique way, also somewhat irrational, in producing an explanation. But this is where the movie becomes a completely new horror genre; it destroys the concrete idea in which infection is only caused by physical transmission of the virus. 

I think for me, the horrifying thing that the movie presents is that what all the things we understand right now may cause doom to us. For me, I think that it is better to become innocent in many things rather than having a lot of knowledge. Because in having knowledge, everything seems to be complex, everything becomes harder.  Sometimes there is a point where understanding brings bad things to an individual. That is why there is a saying “Ignorance is bliss”. 

Overall, for me this type of movie is not easy to be grasped and understood. But to think of it, this is what the movie is trying to present. That in not understanding there is no horror, but when there is understanding this is where the horror comes in.  In this, I would not recommend this movie to my friends if they want to be scared, but if they want to think I would gladly show this to them. For that this movie will make you think on what has happened through the movie. 

The Innkeepers


I really enjoyed watching the movie entitled The Innkeepers. This is because it is one of the horror movies that added humor as its one of its main theme. But even though this was the case, the movie still had the right balance between horror and humor. It did not result for me into questioning what genre the movie really tackles.

 For me the addition of humor in the horror movie was really a great idea.  This made me very comfortable about the movie. This was the case for that I easily got hooked in the movie for that it not so intense at the start, the plot was very simple and easy to understand. But by doing this, it made me a lot more vulnerable and easier to get scared.  This was because I got attached in the movie because of the humor. Because of this at the end part of the movie I somehow got scared.

Looking at the plot of the movie, it follows the typical plot arrangement where in there is a rising action, followed by climax and then followed by falling action. It did not differentiate itself from the usual setup of other movies which was done in movies done by Japanese where it contains several climax points in the movie. It followed the usual structure in which I think suits best in the movie where it has both humor and horror. This is because if the set up was like of the many climaxes, I think the humor part of the movie maybe greatly overshadowed by the climaxes (horrifying scenes). It was just enough that there is one good climax. Moreover, by working in this plot it became more effective in scaring the audiences for that it seems that it will become redundant for the audience if the movie followed the many climaxes structure.

Overall, I really liked the movie because of the unique way on how the movie attacked the concept of horror. It did not throw many horrifying scenes at the audiences; the movie was not trying so hard to scare the audience. But even though this was the case, the scenes that were horrifying were enough for that it was very well planned and thus very effective in making its audience scared. Because of this style of the movie, I really appreciated it more. This I can say is one of the movies that I will surely recommend watching to my friends for that they will surely enjoy it as much as I enjoyed it.


Science to Faith


I like the movie entitled Rec 2 for that this movie became more complex compared to the firs Rec movie. It did not just stayed along the storyline of the Rec 1; it added new twists making the movie a complete new movie to me.  The twists mainly draw from the different perspective/approach in dealing with the concept of zombies which was presented by Rec 2 compared to Rec 1.

 In Rec 1, it explained that the zombie like infection that spread inside the whole apartment was caused by some mutated gene. Looking at this, it could be said that the approach that the movie has in explaining the zombie situation was through science. While in the case of Rec 2, it could be seen that the zombies were not just a result of mutated genes but caused by a powerful demon. This demon possessed a child and then spread the virus to other people making these infected people as his zombie alliances. To handle the situation, a priest was held charge in dealing with this zombie situation. By doing this, the movie put in religious components which added a new dimension to the movie.

But it should be noted that the movie Rec 2 still has scientific component for that the characters were looking for an antidote, which is the blood of the first human that was possessed by the demon. If this was purely about religion, there should be no need for an antidote for that having faith and praying to God would be enough to heal the girl. But this was not done; the priest clearly stated that to stop the virus, an antidote was needed. In this, the movie Rec 2 fused both religious and scientific aspect which was a great way in making the movie new to the viewers.

I think the religious aspect that was inserted in the movie was a great factor for me to like the movie. In putting religion, it became more personal for me for that my faith in God was somehow questioned. The priest did not have any chance to stop the demon. Clearly he was just played and made fun of the devil. This idea that the movie left me made me think and reflect about the possibility that is there any demon that will not be stopped by God. This was the part of me that was made vulnerable by the movie, making me scared a lot.  Overall, I really liked the movie Rec 2, and surely this was one of the horror movies that I will surely recommend to my friends. 



I enjoyed watching the movie Gingersnaps because of the new idea on presenting the werewolf. The movie still followed the trend of werewolf movies in which a werewolf would attack an individual and infect the individual.  But what was interesting in the movie was that the werewolf in this movie was in the form of a girl named Ginger. The image of the werewolf for me is always linked to a man because of the strength, fearless and killer instinct that can be associated to both of them. But the movie somewhat breaks this mentality, and tries to put an idea to the audience that women can also be a monster that is terrifying as of the men.

            Another thing that I noticed in the movie was that the transformation of Ginger into a werewolf is somewhat a representation on the women as of today. Based on the movie, when Ginger was attacked by the werewolf, this was also the time that she had her first ever menstrual period. After the attack, many things have changed on her as seen through her actions and her physical appearance. It can be seen that there is a complete transformation that happened to Ginger at the end of the movie. The movie tried to show on what is happening to the women in the current situation nowadays. For me I see to it that it shows how girls become wild like a werewolf when they reached their puberty or teenage years. As seen in Ginger, she wanted to try everything (e.g. having sex) but is totally unaware on what are the consequences that she might face in the future. 

            I also admire the love that Bridget had to her sister Ginger. Even though what happened to her sister, Bridget tried to help Ginger as much as she can. For me I think that the movie also wanted to instill to the current generation that whatever happens to yourself, you always have your family to help and support you on your problems in life. Bridget never quit on her sister even when Ginger became a werewolf. She never did try to kill Ginger, and even found a way to treat her sister. But it was just unlucky that when Ginger jumped on top of Bridget, she got stabbed.

Overall the movie was okay for me. It was not much of a headache compared to the movies Deadgirl and Grace but even though this was the case it still gave me ideas to think about such as the transformation of girls into women and also the love of an individual to his sibling.



Mom’s love


I found the movie Grace interesting for that it is the kind of movie that does not scare you through the surprises in the movie itself but the thing that will scare you is the idea or the thought that the movie presents to the audience. It is very horrifying for me thinking that I am in the place of the mother of the baby. Having a baby is the one of the happiest moment in a parent’s life, but in the case of the mother, all that have happened to her were horrible things. Taking care of a child alone was a struggle, but raising a child that was not normal (needs human blood) was even more difficult. This is where the fear comes in, the fear of the mother that her child might be taken away. This was striking for me because this is what the mother feared the most. She was not horrified to the need of her baby and to what was happening to her, becoming weak and out of blood. For me she was blinded so much on the possibility of losing her baby and did not care much of the weird thing about her baby and the damage the baby is inflicting to her physically and emotionally. Moreover, the movie presented the development of the mother into a caring parent into a somewhat of a monster. She killed a doctor and her mother-in-law just to prevent them on taking the baby.

Another interesting concept that was presented in the movie was lesbianism. The movie was not scared to show the present day situation about homosexuality. This was seen through the affection of the midwife to the mother of the baby. At first it was established that the midwife has a lesbian tendency at the least. But she tried to repress it. This can be seen through the appearance of the midwife at the start of the movie and her appearance at the end. She transformed herself from a typical looking woman having long hair and pleasing behavior into a woman that has a boy cut blonde hair and quite a rough attitude (based on the way she talked). At the end of the movie she completely transformed herself into what she really wanted, having a girl to love with a baby.  

The ending of the movie was somehow okay for that it presented an idea that the baby might be a zombie due to what happened to the girl breast feeding the baby, having her part of her breast bitten by the baby. I might enjoy the ending if the baby will then suddenly turn into a zombie and eating both of the women in the van.  



I see the movie Rec just okay for me. It is somehow okay because I see the plot (series of events in the movie) somewhat a factor in terrifying the audiences. At first, it was just a typical night for the firemen. But then the fear of the unknown presented itself when they saw the old lady having weird movements and when the group of people was trapped in the building by the police without any explanation or whatsoever. For me this is also the downside of the movie for that it is somehow obvious in that time that the movie tackles the horror of zombies. Also the fear of being trapped was also seen in the movie. In the movie, the group of people was forced to stay in the apartment due to the scare that the mutated virus might spread. This event was very horrifying for me because it brings me the idea of knowing that you are totally doomed; there is no way out of the situation. 

Another good point in the movie was that it was presented in a way that the audience is like part of the movie itself. Through seeing in the lens of the video camera, the effect to me is like I am one of the members of the group struggling to find out the solution to the horror happening in the building. But for me there is a downside in using this point of view as a way in presenting the movie to the people. While I was watching I got dizzy due to the rotating angles by the video camera when Pablo was running. This is the factor why I did not enjoy the movie so much, instead of seeing the whole movie there were parts that I stopped watching due to the headache I am having while watching. Another downside for me is that the movie presented similar reasons on how zombies were created. Typically in other horror movies presenting zombies, these monsters were created through mutated viruses done by scientists that were then passed on to other organisms such as rats. This similar storyline can be seen in the movie “REC” in which the zombies were created through a mutated virus that was observed by a European living in the penthouse of the apartment. The mutated virus was then acquired by a dog which led to the spreading of the virus to humans in the apartment.  

Overall, I was terrified in the movie because of the surprising events that happened in the movie. Also the mere thought of me being part of the group of people trapped in the building gives me a great scare. I just suggest that when seeing this movie try not to associate it with other zombie movies so that the movie can be more appreciated. 

abnormal sexual desire


The movie dead girl was very disturbing, abnormal and very sick. For me, this is a type of movie that I will surely only watch once. This is because of the ideas that it tackles which were sex (necrophilia), objectification of women, and the manipulation of corpses.

Based purely on the movie title, I thought the thing that will terrify me would be the dead girl. At first I think I was right, this is because the dead girl can be identified as a monster or somewhat abnormal. She has the same characteristic of a dead human being, having a cold body and rotten smell. But what is scary is that she cannot “die” because she still moves even though she is considered dead. Moreover, she will attack anything (humans and a dog) that she sees if given the chance to. But as the story progresses, the level of scare that I have from the dead girl somehow decreased. What happened is that I became more terrified on the things that the human characters have done to the dead girl.  Several characters had sexual intercourse with the dead corpse (necrophilia). Moreover, they did not only have the deed once, but many times. They treated the dead girl as their sex slave. This is very horrifying because you can see how insane these people are. They have succumbed to their sexual desires. They do not recognize anymore what is right and wrong.

What also shocked me in the movie is the ending. The ending was a surprise for me because of the revelation that the movie had on the character Rickie. In the movie, Rickie was presented to be as a character that can control his sexual appetites. He even tried to save the dead girl from the hands of JT. But at the end it was surprising that these ideas that were presented were entirely wrong. Like JT and the others, he gave in to his sexual desires; he made Joan his new girl. He turned Joan into his sex slave.

The movie can also be said to following the format of horror movies which is equilibrium-disequilibrium-equilibrium format. At first, the movie showed that the characters (Rickie and JT) are living a normal life in high school. But when they saw the dead girl there was a complete complication in their life causing disequilibrium in their ordinary life. At the end of the movie, after all of what happened with the characters and the dead girl, it seemed to be that the life of Rickie became in equilibrium again. He learned how to cope up with what happened. But it should be noted that his life was never the same like his life before encountering the dead girl. It can be seen at the end where he visits Joan, the new dead girl.

Different Perspective


            The movie cabin in the woods is somewhat a good horror movie for me in a sense that it used a different approach in presenting what is horrifying. In the movie, it can be seen that it uses different point of views to produce horror.

In the movie, it was presented that there were indeed real monsters (e.g. zombies, ghosts, big snakes and etc.). In the view point of the teenagers in the cabin, it can be seen that they were very scared of the monsters, in the form of zombies, due to the fact that they had never encountered these monsters and also these monsters were trying to kill them. Another thing that scared the people in the cabin was the feeling of being trapped. It was seen in the face of the girl (Dana) during the scene where they were driving away from the tunnel and back to the woods. In that scene she realized that they cannot go anywhere and that they cannot do anything about it. This scene was very striking for that she somehow accepted the fact that she cannot do anything. She accepted the fact that whatever they do, they will end up getting killed by those zombies.

On the other hand, the people controlling the release of the monsters were not so much afraid of these monsters. For me, I thought that the people treat these monsters as somewhat like animals. They were not scared at all of these monsters. This may be caused by the fact that they were used to seeing these monsters that it became normal to them. Also they have control on these monsters; these monsters do not pose threat to them, they have power over these monsters. For me I somehow consider these people the real monsters because they do not have any care or what so ever with the lives of the teenagers. They were even betting who will die first. This was very horrifying because they treat the human life as nothing.

The thing that I do not like in the movie is the quick shift of events at the end. At first, the movie was all about monsters and killing the group of teenagers in the cabin. But at the end of the movie, it was so surprising that the killing, as explained by the chairman, was all about saving mankind from the ancient gods. From a plot line of a typical horror movie, the plot then suddenly changed into saving the world. This for me was very weird because I think that the element of horror was gone in the end. It somewhat confused me if this movie is still about horror. For me, instead of being scared on what has happened to the group of teenagers at the end, it turned out to be somehow a comedy because of this kind of ending.