This is the Voice


I have never been a fan of Asian horror films for I think, some of the plot are unbelievable and some aesthetics of the ghosts or monsters are obviously unrealistic. In the voice, it shows that Young-eon, a ghost in the school recalls her past and she tried to communicate with people who are alive. At first, it was a mystery to know the reason behind Young-eon’s death. Honestly, I was kind of bored with the film because the story is quite uninteresting. I felt asleep a several of times while watching it. For me, this film shouldn’t be considered a horror film (yes there are ghosts) but it was more on the drama or solving mysteries kind of genre.


At the opening scene of the Voice, a student who is a top singer at their school, Young-eon was murdered through a music sheet cutting her throat. I was amazed how a music sheet was able to kill a person by just a paper cut. On the next day, Young-eon’s ghost was wandering and only her best friend, Seon-min could hear her voice. Seon-min helped Young-eon in finding out what happened to her and who killed her. There was this strange girl in school, Cho-ah, who can also hear the voices of ghosts. Cho-ah tells Seon-min that ghosts only remember what they wanted to so some of the things that Young-eon told her might not be true.  Cho-ah also helped them and suspected that there might be another ghost that can be the reason behind the death of Young-eon. The body of Young-eon was later found in an elevator and there it was said that she was just unconscious and a student accidentally killed her by dropping down a cart that hit her neck. Flashbacks happened to Young-eon about her mother getting a suicide and her music teacher was asked by Young-eon to sing leading to suicide. In the flashbacks, because of Young-eon, her mother went to suicide. It was evident in the flashbacks that Young-eon had multiple personality disorder. It turned out that Young-eon had been hearing voices of her teacher and the ghost. Young-eon wanted to kill her teacher because she knew that the ghost was in love with her so when she dies, the ghost will therefore go away. We found out that the ghost was the one who killed Young-eon at the start. When Seon-Min knew this, she told Young-eon to move on but Young-eon only wants to be alive again. She then kills Cho-ah and took over the body of Seon-Min. At the end, we cn see that Cho-ah was shouting but voiceless.


The movie tried to show its audience the psychology behind a woman’s thinking. It is not only through the relationships but also the way the woman acts. Young-eon, since she died, she can’t know her true identity and only thing that she remembers is what she wants. That is the reason why some of the information she said to Seon-min are incorrect. It can also be concluded that because of her psychological disorder which affected the manipulation of the truth.


BONUS: Sinister


One movie that I would like to recommend to be watched in class is the film “Sinister” It is a thriller film that plays mostly on the human emotions. It has its shocking moments and mystery revolving around the plot. I really enjoyed watching it for the story has a new concept. The effects for the cinematography and music are quite realistic. It brings the audience to feel what the characters are experiencing. You would want to know why things are happening. There’s a big turn of events that the audience are not expecting. Despite the fact that it’s quite common for a horror movie to have its characters investigate on why things are happening, in this movie, the characters just found themselves trapped in the horrifying situation. The interesting part of the movie is that in the end of the movie, the mystery was solved but no one lived to tell the story.









Trick or Death – halloween


Halloween for me is just one of the psycho horror movies where the person is crazy and kills everyone else. As a kid, Michael Myers thinks that killing is okay. Looking at his family, I think it is one of the reasons why he grew up like that, being a murderer. He has a mother who works at the club as a stripper and every time he gets home, no one seemed to care for him. He also have this drunkard father-in-law-ish and a sister who never takes care of him instead bullies him. Michael was always left unattended that he plays with his pets and kills them afterwards.  When he kills the pet and also everyone else in the house, he always wear his mask. The mask brings in confidence for him and makes him a different personality. By wearing it, he feels stronger and he is not insecure of himself. There is this scene when his mom told him to remove his mask but he said that he does not want people to see his face because he thought of himself as ugly and fat. This idea is due to his classmates who teases and bullies him at school.


When Michael was brought to the asylum, he felt sad and alone and really wanted to go out of it. But as times went by, his mother cannot bear the fact that her son is crazy so she decided to take a suicide. The younger sister of Michael was left alone and was handed over to the orphan. Michael being alone with no one else to visit him and knowing that his mom died took a vow of silence. He never spoke a word again due to the burden that he felt. There came a chance for him to break out of the asylum. He went back to their old house. When he was in their house, he saw this beautiful girl and felt like there was something with her that he feels that they are connected. You can see in the movie that Michael stalks this girl. Michael knew that this girl was his sister. He killed almost all the people her sister knew including her foster parents and friends. He was being selfish that he wants his sister to be with only him and no one else so he also kidnapped his sister and took her to their house before. The doctor who checks up on Michael at the asylum knew that Michael would go after his younger sister when he got out so he looked for him. Michael’s sister being kidnapped doesn’t have any clues that Michael was his brother. The doctor chased after Michael and finally shot him. It was uncertain if Michael survived at the end. You would think that he was still alive because at first he was shot several times but it didn’t affect him.


This horror movie showed the power of the gaze. In this movie, Michael was good at sneaking and stalking people. As an audience, you feel scared for the one being gazed at and targeted as a victim of the monster. It just shocks you when you know that someone is following you and suddenly appears. But when Michael was left alone with his younger sister and he showed the picture of Michael holding his sister when she was a child, the sister doesn’t have any clues that it was her and felt that it was the time that Michael was vulnerable so she took advantage of it. Now the gaze turns to the monster and when the monster was gazed upon, the strength of the monster was felt by the one who gazes.

Addiction of May – May


After watching May, my stomach felt weird as if I was going to vomit. For me, even though I closed my eyes at some scenes that show butchery skills of May, I imagined it and it was really gross.


At the first scenes of May, I thought that the horror was within the doll that her mother gave her but as I watch further, it was a different twist.


May grew up to be a weird girl with no friends. It’s just normal that horror movies present their characters that are strange. May only talks to her doll and considered it to be her best friend.  That is why the mystery of the horror film I thought of is within the doll. But it’s not. May works at the veterinary clinic and her job is to stitch the wounds of the pets brought in by owners. As you can see, May had been obsessed with beautiful body parts of different people. She liked the hands of a strange man that passes by the clinic at lunchtime and also the neck of her co-worker at the clinic. One day, he stalked the man at the restaurant and felt asleep. May smelled the hand and touched it. The man was surprised and didn’t know why May was acting like that. They become friends and May was very happy and they started seeing each other. Until one day, they decided to go out with each other. May was totally into this guy and she loves him very much because he was her first girlfriend. The man was also feeling weird with May so one day; he decided to let May watch a movie together with him. It is a film of Romance but instead of kissing, making out with each other, the character bites each other like vampires. So may thought that doing this kind of romance is good and she tried it with the man. The man was shocked so he left May. It had been weeks since they saw each other and when May was calling him, he always saying that he’s busy. The truth is that, he already dumped May and was now seeing other girl. May found it out then was very furious and depressed. The only thing that she can share her feelings with is her doll. She brought her doll at a school where blind children live. They broke the doll into pieces. May decided to make a new one but with real parts of the body. She then killed the people and get the parts separately from them and connected it. May made a human sized doll. But one thing is missing is that it has no eyes so she got her one eye and put it in the doll. May was feeling exhausted and painful due to her missing eye. She rested at the bed together with the doll and suddenly it moved.


The mystery behind this film is that the doll became alive even if its parts where from different people. May wanted to have a companion because in her entire life, she was alone. She just wanted a friend so she created one as what to her mom told her. The movie is just like having a friend like Pinocchio and suddenly it comes to life. This horror film is also different from the others since May is not the victim here but she was the one killing other people. There was no bias for gender like the old films had.

Small town where there were zombies- Pontypool


Ponty pool is quite interesting because it is mind boggling for me. I am somehow confused on how people get to be zombies but after watching it again, I understood how it turned out. It is not scary at all actually. But there are scenes that are gore like when Laurel tried to go in the booth to hear the voice of Grant for several times until she bled to death. This low budget movie is very claustrophobic as it was only shot mostly on the basement of the building where the radio station lies. This movie is a psychological thriller that plays on people’s minds.

It started out in a little town in Canada called Pontypool when Grant Massy was on his daily routine to work on a Valentine’s Day when a strange woman approached his car and knocked on the window. The woman was saying something but it is not clear to Grant. He was scared and he doesn’t know if he will call 911 or not. So he arrived at the radio station where he was a radio disc jockey.  He was a big time DJ who was relocated in Pontypool. A call from BBC was patched through their system and the anchorman was trying to confirm events that are happening in their area. They were told that a riot was happening but they seem to have trouble confirming it. After some time, they found people hurrying towards their station like a mob trying to attack a building. They knew that there is something wrong with these people. Grant along with his colleagues, the producer Sydney and their technical assistant Laurel Ann lock themselves in. Meanwhile, Laurel was showing some weird behavior and she’s fixating on the word “missing.” Sydney doesn’t know what is happening to her until a doctor, Dr. Mendez, who was hunted by the mob entered the studio and explained things to Grant and Sydney. They found out that a virus is affecting certain words. Words such as terms of endearment have become carriers of this virus. A person gets affected or becomes a zombie if he hears intimate words, and he repeats it over and over until it has no meaning. Laurel finally turned into zombie repeatedly slamming her head on the radio booth and vomited a large amount of blood and gore and then died. Dr. Mendez explained that once the zombie failed to pass on the virus, it dies. On the booth, the doctor was showing symptoms of becoming a zombie so Grant and Sydney left him inside the booth. They knew that English was the only language affected so they speak in French. Outside the booth, there was this girl zombie who attacked Grant and Sydney killed her. Sydney was depressed on killing the innocent girl so she then can’t make her mind out of the word “kill.” Grant noticed it and he tries to cure Sydney. He repeatedly said “kill is kiss.” He tried to change the meaning of kill for the understanding of Sydney. What Grant did worked so he broadcasted words through the station and changed the meaning of it.

Obviously the theme of this movie is about the conflict of communication. Sometimes, we say things like “I love you” over and over again until it lost its meaning. The movie also focuses on a political sense where instead of trying to communicate, violent things happen because it is easier than actual communication especially when there are a lot of people involved. The idea that the important things to us such us language is being attacked is scary.

Can I come in?


Let The Right One In reminds me of one of the films we watched in class, which is Grace. Both movies are about blood-sucking monsters. Both monsters were taken cared of by their parents just for their own sake. In Grace, her mother feeds her through breastfeeding even though it hurts too much and even though it bleeds. On the other hand, in Let the Right One In, the father kills other people just to feed the girl, Eli, to survive.


The movie started when Oskar, saw new neighbors moved in at their building. Oskar had no friends and was always bullied at school. He plays by himself at the courtyard near their apartment. The new girl approached him and Oskar liked her. Since then, they became friends. Oskar knew that there was something wrong with this girl, Eli. She was a bit skinny and was not feeling cold outside when they were with each other. In fact, she’s not wearing any jacket or sweater to keep her warm. Oskar had no idea that Eli was a vampire. Her father kills other people for blood to be given to Eli. One day, he was at the school and he had a student as one of the victim. He was about to be discovered but due to his love for Eli and to protect the identity of Eli, he poured acid in his face so that no one can recognize him. He was taken at the hospital and Eli went there. Eli was in need of blood and felt weak. So the father sacrificed himself and offered his own blood. Eli was left alone so she went to Oskar. After that, they become closer to each other and loved each other. One day, Oskar decided to go out with Eli and to make things closer, Oskar wanted to have a blood compact. When Oskar cut his hand and it bled, suddenly Eli was overpowered and started licking the blood at the floor. Eli was out of control and left Oskar. Until then, Eli avoided Oskar and hid. Since Eli was left alone and no one to feed her, she fed herself through killing the people at the town. Oskar knew what Eli was so he confronted her. He accepted her even though she was not of his kind, a monster. One of the witnesses of Eli’s killings knew who she was, so he went to investigate in the apartment. Oskar saw him so he rushed to protect Eli. Eli woke up and made the witness as her meal. Eli thanked Oskar, but she knew that more people would go after her so she needs to hide somewhere where no one can find her. Oskar felt depressed that she has to go away, but he’s thankful that Eli taught her to be strong against bullies. The bullies picked on him during his swimming class and he was being drowned. To his surprise, Eli came, saved him and killed the bullies. At the end of the movie, Oskar was on a train with a huge box containing Eli.


The difference of this movie among other horror films is that the monster is not really bad. She only kills people because she needs to. Unlike other films, the monsters are not in their right mind and have no option to spare people. The movie also focused on the idea of love of Oskar despite Eli’s being.

Curiosity killed the Cat–innkeepers


The Innkeepers is a horror film that is about two employees Claire and Luke who are working at the Yankee Peddler Inn that is rarely visited by guests. It is a very simple movie with just the inn as its setting, a few characters and a plain plot. I never really enjoyed the movie until the latter parts for which the ghost of Madeline started appearing. For the earlier parts, there is too much talking that I fell asleep.  For the latter parts it gets exciting where the movie captures more of its audience and let’s you want to scare the hell out of you.


It started with Luke showing this video with a zombie at the end frightening Claire. I know that something was going to pop out so I prepared not to be scared by it. Luke also showed Claire his website that he made to attract people to go to the inn. The website also contained the history and some of the mystery that happened in the inn. Luke told Claire that he once saw a ghost named Madeline.  Claire got curious so she went on asking Luke. Claire ended up investigating about Madeline and the more she put it in her head, the more the ghost seemed to haunt her. Claire also experienced weird events within the inn that made her thoughts on Madeline to be stronger and belief that she really exists. Claire liked to reach Madeline and wanted to confront her and know what was the reason that she seemed to still show and haunt people in the inn. Strangely, it was only Claire who felt and saw the spirit of Madeline. One night, Luke and Claire got nothing to do so they decided to drink beer and when they were already drunk, the feelings of Luke for Claire popped out. He told her that he likes her. But for Claire it was just okay and she didn’t put her attention to it. Then she thought that they should go to the basement to see Madeline. Luke agreed to her. They went down but when it got scary, Luke ditched Claire and decided to go home. He also said that he really never saw Madeline. Claire was told to go away from the basement because she might put her life to risk. She sought help with a psychic who is a guest in the inn. She also told Claire that there’s a great danger ahead so they need to leave the inn. But it seemed that Claire was not scared of things so she want back thinking that the psychic was down the basement. The ghost of Madeline haunted her.  At the end, she just died.


The movie used the concept of gaze well. It showed that Claire was curious on seeing the ghost of Madeline but at the end, it was her who was gazed upon by the ghost and died. Like most horror movies, it used the women representation of the victim and men are the ones that seem to have logic reasoning. Luke warned Claire not to go further but Claire didn’t listen so what happened to her was the consequence of her actions. The movie played well with the audience’s emotions at the end where there are camera effects that were slow as if wanting to see the ghost then it shocked the audience where the ghost suddenly appears.